29 July 2014

How much are you worth to God?

Since I'm working on Leviticus 27 in the Every Jot and Tittle Project, I'm updating this post using the current price of silver.

Not much, I'm afraid.

And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying ... thy estimation shall be of the male from twenty years old even unto sixty years old ... fifty shekels of silver....

And if it be a female, then thy estimation shall be thirty shekels.

And if it be from five years old even unto twenty years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male twenty shekels, and for the female ten shekels.

And if it be from a month old even unto five years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male five shekels of silver, and for the female thy estimation shall be three shekels of silver.

And if it be from sixty years old and above; if it be a male, then thy estimation shall be fifteen shekels, and for the female ten shekels. Leviticus 27:1-7

Here's a table to make it a little easier to see.

The Value of Human Life (in shekels of silver)
Age Sex Value (in Shekels of Silver)
less than one month
(Newborn babies and fetuses)
male 0
female 0
one month to 5 years male 5
female 3
5 to 20 years male 20
female 10
20 to 60 years male 50
female 30
over 60 years male 15
female 10

And here's a graph, showing the same information.

So now you know how much you're worth in shekels of silver. But what would that be in U.S. dollars?

Well a shekel is about 11 grams and a kilogram of silver sells today for about $661.50. So here's the true value of every human life in dollars and cents.

The Value of Human Life (in U.S. dollars)
Age Sex Value (in U.S. dollars)
less than one month
(Newborn babies and fetuses)
male 0
female 0
one month to 5 years male 36.40
female 21.84
5 to 20 years male 145.60
female 72.80
20 to 60 years male 364.00
female 218.40
over 60 years male 109.20
female 72.80

From the graph, a few things are obvious.

  1. People aren't worth much to God.
  2. Males are worth more than females.
    (A female is worth one-half to two-thirds a male depending on age.)
  3. Newborn babies (less than 1 month old) and fetuses are worth nothing at all.


cw1925 said...

"Newborn babies (less than 1 month old) and fetuses are worth nothing at all."
New argument for pro-choice?

busterggi said...

All values are based on estimated ability to kill Amalekites.

skanksta said...

Steve ! I love you man.

What you're doing is both important AND hilarious. This stuff SHOULD defo be in the pro-choice debate ! Your blog is becoming an important resource for humanity. Sorry to lay it on with a trowel, but I love you man!

Busteregg - I really did (literally) lol @ your comment too.

matt311 said...

I wonder what the price would be today, adjusted for inflation over four thousand years...

Clint Burky said...

haha nice visuals mate. Keep up the good work. Your inputs are valuable and a unique edition.

Carolyn Hyppolite said...

I am worth $19,845. Well, at least it's more than my net worth.



Alex Parky said...

@matt311 - no such thing as inflation. The bible is the literal word of God translated a bunch of times by unreliable sources and everything in it is true forever and always if I agree with it. God don't know about supply side. PRICE REMAINS THE SAME

Steve Wells said...

You're worth $19,845? According to Lev 27:1-7 no one is worth more than 50 shekels of silver, which would be about $364 U.S. today. Did God make an exception for you, or what?

Carolyn Hyppolite said...

Oh, looks like I misunderstood. $364. Pretty sad. :(

Nobanno said...

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Latham Reunion said...

Man, I am stoked by all the work you have done. I need to seed you a check for this, not a big check, because this week, only my "side-income" check came in, about $138, but it's something, at 10% tithe, that's about $13.80, which is almost 27hrs worth of work I would do when I lived near Mexico, working with the mexicans.

Of the seven months I spent traveling the U.s. with nothing but a bike and a backpack, I did learn one thing. I liked Christians better.

Not all Christians, but those who loved Christ, kinda like a person doesnt like all baseball players but those who love the game and devote their life to it.

I met staunch Jews, wild Muslims, strict Presbyterians, etc, but the common thread I found whether with 7 = Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons, regardless of what parts they misunderstood or not about God, those who Loved Christ, that loved the example of carrying others burdens but not compromising on "right" living, those were the best to be around.

I met this guy much like me, very intellectual, don't know if as smart as you though, but did research, deep research into everything, science, religions, spirituality, etc, and in the end, found that the bais rock solid foundation of every line of thought was "faith".

Just in my science as a biochemist, so many things we cannot prove, and of the things we have been able to prove, nothing disproves the Word of God. I am not saying the bible, because the bible is a 1,000 different translations of the Word of God. However, if you go back to the original text like you have, we cannot prove it wrong, but in so many ways, we cannot prove it right.

It's like with dating, estimated the age of things. When you light something on fire, the carbon footprint changes DRAMATICALLY. So, let's say things started in a big bang. Well, that first second, it aged about 1,000,000,000 years, meaning it changed more in that first second than carbon atoms will change today, at their current rate of change, in 1,000,000,000 years. What people do not understand is that carbon dating is talking about relative change based on current rate of change. Near volcano sights, carbon decay and change really throws things off. All carbon dating system is based on carbon changing for ALL TIME at the rate it is changing right now, but of course, that is impossible. There has been some major changes, shifting of the oceans and land masses, volcanoes, etc.

All our carbon dating can show, is that when comparing to substances, close in proximity, barring and high energy influence, they died about the same time.

All this to say, I study the Word of God like I study the Body and life on earth, one big mystery, of which we dispel 1/1,000,000,000,000 of those mysteries each day. And we have a long way to go...

Latham Reunion said...

What is helpful is to defunct the lies in medicine, where companies make up stuff for greed, that doesn't really do the body any good, but instead, has horrible side-effects.

I view religion and what you are doing, the same way. What "harmful" things of which, thanks to you, I see the Quran filled with lies, are people teaching, that simply "lines" their pockets at the cost of the "patient" they are "healing"?

I ran onto your website, verifying some stuff from Bill ( William ) Federer, about how Islam is damaging the financial, emotional, and physical well-being of our world's citizens with their false "treaties" which simply mean, give in until we are stronger, then try again to take you out.

Whether is it right for popes to convince Catholics to just trust them or Islam Warlords to tell others to not question authority and just blow yourself is pretty obvious...

People need to be able to read and understand. The more Jews I meet, the more I understand the true meaning behind some of the Hebrew and Greek Teachings. It's just like someone coming to biotech school. We can help make sense of things, as long as we don't have a greed motivation to hold back, and instead, Lord power over you.

In the end, again, what you are doing is MARVELOUS...

It's like reading in Nehemiah how he was chastising the rich for charging interest and taking collateral. The purpose of loans in the Jewish structure was that if God has gifted you enough to be rich and have money to lend, you need to share your time with others. So, if I am commanded that I have to give you a loan because I have money to lend, but cannot charge interest or hold collateral, I am going to do EVERYTHING I can to help you pay that back, because if it is not paid back in 7years, it has to be forgiven.

What an ingenious God?

The other stuff, I don't know as much about, like the value system of a child versus woman versus man, and what was going on during that time period. What I do know is that the sin sacrifices were designed so that people would slow down and live "pure" lives, because if they lived a fast life, they would go bankrupt trying to fulfill their sin sacrifices.

All of us know things built right, solid, foundational, last longer, than the quick in&out job/work.

The other thing, last thing, is the difference of when God said "creation" versus "make". Those are 2 different words. Make is to manufacture, and before I manufacture of "wooden bench" for instance, I must "create" the plans on paper or in my mind.

That was something a man of God near a Car dealership showed me incorrectly, but with much studying and divine intervention I understood. God was saying two different things. He figured things out, every single piece, before he set himself to MAKE anything....

Smart huh? Don't all of us builders, do that, or regret it afterwards, figure it all out , every inch, every outlet, every wall fixture, before we even make 1, single thing?

In science, we call the things we cannot explain a "mystery of science", and it's really the same way in God.

In science, the more we copy nature, the better drugs and healing we provide. I can believe that is only true with God also. The more we copy him, not the false truths, the false preachers, false biochem companies, but the real things, the closer to real healing we will become.

Stephen said...

@ Latham Reunion:
"He (God) figured things out, every single piece, before he set himself to MAKE anything...."

Google "recurrent laryngeal nerve" to see how well things were figured out. :-)
Steve Weeks

Cloud Hermit said...

Is there a reference to how much people are worth in heaven; is there a system of worth for heaven inhabitants? What I mean is that is there a citizenship level in heaven, like the caste system, prince-hoods, aristocrats, warrior-ship, merchants, slaves? I mean, after-all, God endorses black slavery on Earth. Is there slaves in heaven? I mean, why do we care about how much we worth on Earth. It doesn't seem to matter. Heaven is the most important place final home. We should be hedonist and go to whores and do drugs during this lifetime, and then repent to Jesus out of fear of hell. Amen. Facebook: Victor Kwok: https://www.facebook.com/kai.kuo/media_set?set=a.10154400992400065.1073741847.690015064&type=1

Cloud Hermit said...

I don't care if I worth nothing on Earth. As long as I don't end up in the low slave caste in heaven. I will kill Buddhists, rape Buddhist girls, break all 10 commandments to convert people to Christianity, rape to convert people to Christians to earn God's grace, fire Buddhists from God to show Christian power, so I don't become a slave caste in heaven. - Victor Kwok on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kai.kuo

Matt Burns said...

You all have completely misunderstood the passage of Levitucus 27:1-8 which was a vow to be fulfilled by dedication to the temple, classic example is 1 Samuel 1 with Hannah and her son, Samuel. The passage was never about the value because it was thrown out if the person was too poor to pay. Why? Because God is always concerned about the heart's motives. The value was practically worthless for a number of reasons. 1) It's symbolic, referencing that Christ bought us. 2) It's encouraging us to serve God but at the same time we have a buy back policy in place to redeem it. 3) It's encouraging us to trust in God to fulfill his part of the vow in providing us with whatever we're asking for.

Also, God created man and woman equal right in the opening of Genesis. So why the difference in monetary value? It was an agrarian society where physical strength was valued. But it doesn't mean women are less valuable than men in God's eyes.

God has hidden the secrets and mysteries of the kingdom, in other words understanding, from you. Go read Matthew 13 to find out why some understand God and some remain blind. The Torah is also written in parables, signs and symbols telling us something else, usually prophetic or spiritual. The Jews were tasked with performing it literal while us Gentiles had to just understand them. And since you don't have God's spirit, you're not a child of his, therefore you lack insight. Why should God give you insight if you reject and mock him?