29 February 2008

Vegetarians are pussies!

Just thought you should know.
(See Romans 14:2, 1 Timothy 4:1-4.)


Rev. Gigas said...

See Daniel 1:12-15 for cross reference.

A Fellow Dwindler

Dan said...

At least vegetarians can spell.

XXX said...

I believe "pussys" is an incorrect King James Version spelling for "pussies", much like "seraphim" incorrectly appears as "seraphims" in the KJV.

No word yet on whether or not the Mormon church has corrected this plagiarized error in the Book of Mormon yet.


XXX said...

(P.S. see http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/BOM/2ne/16.html#2)

susan said...

Vegetarians are not pussies. They are strong people, who have the balls to not eat meat. So i think you should shut your fucking mouth. And stop saying shit.

Steve Wells said...

Are you talking to me, susan?

I didn't say it, the Bible did.

Benjamin Martin said...

Steve Wells, the bible didn't say anything like that. Romans 14:4 -6
Romans 14:20 tells us not to eat anything that destroys God's work, sort of like how the current meat industry is destroying the earth. I don't think that God, nor the bible, ever called anyone a pussy. You shouldn't pull out specific verses to use when I can pull verses out of the same chapter that supports vegetarianism.

Ladee Diane said...
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