09 April 2008

Expelled Exposed!

Visit the National Center for Science Education's new website (ExpelledExposed.com) for updates on Ben Stein's latest fiasco.

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sconnor said...

The sad thing about all this is; dumb-ass ignorant Christians are going to eat this shit up. They are too deluded and stupid to recognize that the producers of "Expelled" are just playing to their misconceptions, ignorance and the shallowest of their emotions, to support their fairytale world. The very notion of giving equal time to creationism or ID in the science classroom is like teaching alchemy in a chemistry class -- watch kids how I can change lead into gold --come on!

What the producers, ignorant christians and creationist don't comprehend, is creationism doesn't even deserve to be heard. It has no merits. It is not science. If we were to let creationists -- through history -- spew their kooky propaganda, and silly superstitions, we would be teaching our kids that god causes volcanoes to erupt, droughts, tsunamis, rainbows, lightening, tornadoes, hurricanes, aurora borealis, comets, eclipses and on and on and on. Just because science didn't have an explanation to these phenomenon, at the time, does not mean "god did it". Science does not concern itself with the answer "god did it" -- because if they did, we would all still be in the dark ages, which is exactly where some ignorant christians and creationists still are.