28 August 2008

Whose face do you see on the moth?

Isn't it great? Jesus has returned again -- this time on the back of a moth in east Texas.

But I'm not so sure that it really is Jesus. I mean, aren't those horns on the top of his head? And what about those long, goat-like ears and beard? It looks more like Jesus' little brother Satan to me.

I may be wrong, but I think the species of moth that God selected for Jesus' (or Satan's) image is Eacles imperialis, the imperial moth. It's common in the southern United States and is known for its variable dorsal markings.

But take a look at this one (from Butterflies and Moths of North America). Who do you see on its back?

Now that is not Jesus, folks. It's either Satan or Muhammad -- without fingerprints they're hard to tell apart. (And what are those pigs doing on each side of his head?)


Anonymous said...

I must not have a very good imagination, or perhaps my brain just isn't primed for seeing religious images in semi-random natural patterns, but I cannot see a god-damned thing in either of those moths!

busterggi said...

Its the guy from the Zig Zag package.

Anonymous said...

That first one is totally Charles Manson. Look at the forehead!

If word gets out that the second one has a Mohammed cartoon on its back, those moths are doomed.

- KG

Anon said...

If you haven't, everyone should read the actual article. The writer of the article seems a little skeptical, but the quotes from some of the kooks are either funny or sad.

"There's a little slit right there that looks like His mouth and when he would move the mouth would open so it looked like he was trying to talk to you."

So this is a *talking* Jesus on the moth. I wonder what he's trying to tell people?

"The word of God says that all creation declares His glory... but we're also warned in Romans 1 that we shouldn't worship created things. We should worship the Creator."

So he's actually afraid that people will start worshipping the moth instead of Jesus? Well, the moth does have one thing going for it: at least it's real.

"If He can do that on a little moth, He can do mighty things in our lives."

That supposed likeness of Jesus shows us how great God is?! God's a pretty crappy artist if that's the best he can do. And it proves what mighty things he can do in our lives? Maybe mighty crappy things.

"Some church members say they'll be glad to sell the moth. They would donate the money to the church's relocation fund."

So they see a moth that they believe has been blessed with the likeness of their Savior...and their first instinct is to sell the moth for money. How sweet.

btw, busterggi, I completely agree with you. It looks a lot more like that guy than Jesus. But they would probably get way less money for the moth if they marketed it that way.

kafirgirl, you never know, maybe the second butterfly will be sought out by a mosque, to destroy what it sees as an affront to their religion. When the Christians get wind of this, they will consider the act of destroying a moth depicting their lord and savior as a blasphemous act. Would someone be sensible enough to stop an all-out religious war over a moth? I'm not so sure...

Sai said...

People in Texas must get reaaaalllly bored.