10 September 2008

I guess I'm famous now

Yup, Yup. (And I'm also totally ready to be president.)

To be honest, I'd never heard of Nontheist Nexus before -- before they asked me for an interview, anyway.

Last year it was Playboy, now this. Just like Sarah Palin, I'm definitely going up in the world.

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Anon said...

Congrats on the interview, Steve. Very interesting information in there. I didn't realize you almost became a priest. It seems like a lot of non-believers either were raised as non-believers, or else got very deep into religion before losing the faith.

I really wonder how many people go to seminary, start having doubts, but stick with it and pretend because they don't see what choice they have career-wise, or they're afraid of what their loved ones will think. I bet there's more out there than most people would think. I *hope* there is. I would hate to think someone has deeply studied the Bible and still think it's the word of God.

I am surprised, with the recent bestsellers (Dawkins, etc.) that there hasn't been a publisher willing to do a print version of the SAB. It is something that lends itself very well to the web (linking, etc.) but a print version could be a very good reference tool. Maybe they'd be willing to do a condensed version with just the highlights??

I liked the quote at the end: "I believe people will make the right decision about these books if they take the time to find out what is in them. If the SAB helps them to do that, then my work has been worthwhile."