17 May 2009

God tortures everyone except 144,000 Jews (and other new Brick Testament stories from the Book of Revelation)

The new Brick Testament stories are out!

Here are some of my favorite scenes, along with links to the BT stories themselves.

Be sure to read them all. It's the only sane way to read the Book of Revelation.

(Be sure to notice the blasphemous name on the Beast's head.)


Blue Mako said...

You'd think God would have a handle on basic astronomy, at least (STARS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY!)...

Ritchie Annand said...

Apocamon used to be a great way to experience the ergot/acid trip that is Revelations. I am glad that this psychotic tome has also made its way into the Brick Testament.

I Am said...

The Brick Testament is hilarious. I think it's because it takes what is supposed to be a serious religious book and makes it funny and so obviously ridiculous.

Although there are clearly-marked asides here and there, the stories are 100% what's in the Bible itself.
If people saw the Brick Testament's Revelation before reading the Bible, there's no way they could ever believe Revelation was the word of God.

I wonder what effect the Brick Testament has on people who are already/still believers. Certainly after seeing the Brick Testament version of Revelation, you have to at least start to realize how completely crazy it is.