06 July 2009

The Parable of the Good Gay Guy

Can you imagine a modern-day preacher coming up with a parable about the good gay guy? (Iranian, black man, atheist,etc.) Most people would find that pretty offensive, since it implies that there aren't many good gay people. Why then aren't we also offended by the parable of the good Samaritan?

Here's a video that makes the point better than I ever could.


Matthew Blanchette said...

Okay, that was actually pretty funny. Now, let's see them do the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman in that vein; it'd be even funnier!

Thomas said...

Well, to be fair, the parable doesn't mention a "good" Samaritan, just a Samaritan. Any Anti-Samaritan bigotry was placed there by the listener, not by Jesus. Dude didn't get to choose the colloquial names for his parables.

twillight said...

Well, first Jesus mentiones people from who you'd expect to help the beaten man, then clearly someone who you wouldn't.
Jesus mention the samaritan as someone who you wouldn't expect help from (samaritans are not jews, priests and levites are).
The question here is, as it is a parable, why Jesus didn't say "some commoner" (instead of someone from the clergy class) or "a third man" or something, but specificly pointing on a samaritan.
And that tells something about Jesus ;)

I Am said...

Very funny clip! I just recently was introduced to That Mitchell and Webb Look by someone on Atheist Nexus, and they have a few other atheist/skeptic skits:

Godless comedy

Homeopathic A & E

Good points, twillight. It's obviously implied that a Samaritan wouldn't be expected to be good. If Jesus was trying to combat the prejudices of his listeners against Samaritans, he could have easily come out and said not to be prejudiced against them, or not to judge people based on their race/nation/etc.

Instead, it sounds more like Steve said in the OP, that a good Samaritan is a rarity.

Steve Wells said...

Yeah, those are great videos, I am. I hadn't seen the Homeopathic one before. Thanks for that.

I hope they make more!