06 August 2010

Drunk With Blood: God's killings in the Bible
Now available at Amazon.com

There's something I've wanted to tell you about for a while. It's the reason I haven't been posting much lately. You see, I've been working on a book.

It's a book that was developed here at the blog with input from readers -- who not only corrected my spelling, but helped decide which killings to include and how many victims to count. Thanks to all of you for your help!

The title of the book will not surprise anyone who has been here before. (Drunk With Blood: God's killings in the Bible) It was the title of one of my last posts on God's killings, where I listed 136 killings in my last attempt to count them all. You can find it here.

The book is for sale at Amazon.com and you can browse it a bit at DrunkWithBlood.com. It is also available in kindle form.*

I'm hoping the book will be successful enough to help pay for another book project that I'm now working on: The Skeptic's Annotated Bible. This is going to be a very large (1800+ pages) and expensive book, which I am paying for myself. So if you'd like to help out with that, you can do that by buying a copy of Drunk with Blood. Thanks.


twillight said...

Congratulation to your achievement. I wish I could report that kind of success with Talmud for my country. Maybe another time though.

I even made a pause with my reading-translation, and now I'm blogging the Quran (finished sura 16 yesterday. Kafirgirl still silent) on my blog after the completion of the Bible.

Anyway I wish you good luck with your current book and the future printed version of SAB.

Steve Wells said...

Thanks, twillight.

I didn't know you were blogging the Quran! Can you give us a link?

Daniel Clements said...

Any idea when this will be available on amazon.ca for those of us in Canada?

skanksta said...

Hurrah for Steve !

I'll be buying a few copies for Christmas and I'm sure one day you'll have the SAB, SAQ etc. in every school and university library.

skanksta said...

Ordered my first copy :)
with me in 18-32 business days (!) :(

twillight said...

Well, Steve,

here is the link:

but it would be hardly any use for you or your readers as it is not in english, but hungarian (as I hinted).
Also I use a "slightly" different method for the Quran then you, so it is hardly comparable anyway.

But you asked for it, so here it is. Use it if you want / can.

The same blog has my posts on the Bible and the Talmud (both on hungarian too).

Unknown said...

The tittle can't be more appropriate !

Xaratherus said...

Nice! I'll see if I can pick this up come payday.

Steve Wells said...

Daniel: I'm not sure how the amazon.ca thing works. But some features at amazon are not yet available (the "search inside" function, for example). Let me know if you are ever able to order it through amazon.ca. If not, I can always send you a copy.

Thanks for the link, twillight. I wish your blog was in English so I could let you blog the Quran for me.

Thanks skanksta for buying a copy. The rest of you'd better do that soon or God will give you hemorrhoids in your secret parts and/or make your bowels fall out.

Matthew Blanchette said...

Nice, Steve! Sorry I've been away so long; I was vacationing in Quebec with the family. :-)

Any way we who helped you with this accomplishment can get a price discount? ;-)

Steve Wells said...

We could probably work something out, if you want to order directly from me, Matthew. I'll probably have a few extra copies on hand that I could sell at a discount. But you'd have to let me know where to send them.

Anonymous said...

I'm a great fan of your website, you blogs and I enjoy your links and your "things I've noticed lately". I read the bible myself back during a stage of my life when I was searching for the truth since many churches believe so differently about almost everything. So I put aside what I had learned from men, preachers and theologians in the past and studied the bible myself. I read through the old testament once and I was shocked at the cruelty of the god of the bible. I remember when I was a child they taught us about the different gods of the romans and greeks and other cultures and they were all mean and I was taught that the god of the bible was just so full of love. Boy was I suprised when I read the old testament that he is worse than them and makes Adolf Hitler look like a purse snatcher.
Well I put all that aside and turned my attention to the new testament which is a easier read and I probably read it about 20 times. That's when I started noticing the contradictions. I couldn't figure them out because I went to church when I was younger and I was taught that the whole bible was inspired by god down to the very letter. So due to that I became a agnostic. I can't really be so closed minded as to say I'm a atheist because I can't prove there's nothing out there that I can't see, touch, smell, taste or hear. There very well could be a deity out there but I would hope it wouldn't be the one referred to in the bible.
Well I did all that before I had access to the internet. Now I can find even more contradictions and absurbities contained in the bible because of your great website and I can view other peoples blogs and videos and they only re-enforce what I learned for myself by studying the bible instead of being brainwashed by people who don't really read the bible for themselves but listen to other people who just pass along whatever their denomination has taught them.
I just ordered your new book.."Drunk with Blood" from amazon and I'm looking forward to reading it. Keep up the good work but don't overwork yourself...take care.

Steve Wells said...

Hey thanks, Mickey!

I'm glad the SAB and the blog have been helpful to you. I hope you enjoy the book, too.

Unknown said...

I bought a Kindle copy of Drunk With Blood like five minutes after I read this post. All I can say is, huzzah! Wait. That sounded dumb.

Steve Wells said...

Thanks ian t!

So did the kindle version download and work OK for you?

It works for me, but then I didn't actually buy it on amazon.

JRC said...

I can't wait for The Skeptic's Annotated Bible to be published on paper. If there's controversy, that's probably a good thing; the news needs to be spread. Hopefully, it will change the world, and if it doesn't, then God help us all (yes, God help us all). However, one outcome of its renown (or, I daresay, notoriety) is that apologists like William Lane Craig or J.P. Holding might challenge you to a debate.

Steve Wells said...

Yeah, JRC, it's time for me to get back to work on the SAB. I've been sidetracked lately on DWB, but now that it's done, I'm ready to get back to it.

Just to give you an idea of where I am, I can tell you that I'm in 1 Samuel. So I'm about a quarter of the way through. Sheesh!

Unknown said...


The Kindle version is great. My only problem is the tendonitis I've developed in my thumb from highlighting so many passages!

Excellent work, of course.

And for perhaps a word of encouragement, I can't wait until my hardcover copy of the Skeptic's Annotated Bible sits on the shelf right next to my Oxford Annotated Bible.

Steve Wells said...

I'm glad the Kindle version is working OK for you ian t.

Thanks for letting me know.

Randomdude123 said...

I don't have a Kindle and the paperbacks are all gone. Just letting you know.

Steve Wells said...

Yeah, I know, Randomdude123. I had to make a few minor changes. It's back up for sale now at Amazon. Sorry for the delay.

Ritchie Annand said...

My relatives bought me a Kindle out of the blue, so apart from a few various free titles and Derren Brown's 'Atheist's Guide to Christmas', I had to go get yours.

Ahhh, clickable table of contents makes me so very happy, in particular after initially engaging my time with some free e-textbooks.

It looks great; thank you also for the images to break up the text.

(I know we ought not expect that from an e-book but I'm grateful all the same)

If there is ever a way to [eyes=puppy]get the whole of the SAB into that format, ummm[/eyes], count me in, because I want my portable holy books replete with extra sass :)

Autumn said...

So I want to buy a signed copy of your book.
Anyway to do that?

Steve Wells said...

Sure, Abeille, you can get a copy here using Paypal.

11-year old Atheist-Libertarian said...

Hey, I have a few(two, to be exact) questions about the SAB(book form). I hope they don't annoy you. Thanks :-)

1.)Where are you in the SAB(book form)? Last you said your in 1 Samuel.

2.)How can a book be expensive to make?

--- Happy New Year's Eve(In my part of the world it isn't New Year's Eve, yet)

Brucker said...

Sheesh, I'm more than a little late to the party; I've really let my blog reading slide.

Congrats on the book, Steve! I'm sure it will sell well.

As for the physical publishing of the SAB, I'm sure that's a huge undertaking, and while I'm not likely to monetarily contribute, I'd probably be willing to pitch in some time with copy editing if that would help.

Steve Wells said...

Thanks, Brucker. I've missed you around here!

The SAB book is getting close. I'm just wrapping up the New Testament. It won't be ready by Christmas (or, unfortunately, the 400th anniversary of the publishing of the King James Version), but it won't miss it by far.