07 December 2010

You KNOW it's a Myth

And I think most people really do know that. They just won't admit it.

Or as Stephen Colbert put it:

A myth? What part of three kings following a star through a desert to bring presents to an immaculately conceived baby god they dreamed about seems like a myth to you?
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11-year old Atheist-Libertarian said...
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Anonymous said...

Hard to beat Stephen at mockery. Impossible actually!

I don't know how my DH can watch it day in and day out and still be a believer.

I also do wonder about his Roman Catholicism. Maybe he is one of those who think the myth drags the spirituality out of him, like the so-called progressive Christians

skanksta said...

I love the myth !

Deech said...


MiaKBaker said...

I really enjoy that billboard. I mean, yeah..it might be a little bit of a slap in the face but sometimes that's what it takes for a creationist to open their eyes and take a deep look into their silly religion.