08 April 2011

Read before burning

I think I've found the solution to the read or burn problem with scripture.

My first reaction was the politically and religiously correct suggestion to read it, don't burn it. And I still think that it's a good idea to read it.

But while reading, apply the newest and most ancient principle of scriptural interpretation, which is this:

Any scripture that includes verses that breed violence, hatred or disdain is illegitimate.

So if you find in the scripture that you're reading verses that breed violence, hatred, or disdain, reject that scripture as illegitimate.

Of course, what you do with illegitimate scripture is your own damned business. But burning seems like a reasonable option.


Kat Martin said...

May I suggest composting as an alternative to burning?

The Pathway Machine said...

Compositing? Or burning?

I think that it is relative to the algorithms.

I have read the Bible and I have read the Quran and I have burned Bibles that were worn and torn but I never have burned the Quran.

The thing about me is that if someone tells me that I symbolicallyically set fire to either one I immediately pause to figure out why?

The political correctness of it is only at enticementticement of ignorance.

If you want to chat with the news anchors about why you want to politicallypoliticaly significant epitaph then you might as well piss off.

Politically correct in the historical context is pretty fucking myopic, even for a metal head, don't ya' think?

Burn it all. Read it all. Just don't expound on the political reference as if it merited some intellectual bullshit that put it in the fire to begin with.


Oh, they will surely figure it out. [Laughs]