16 May 2011

Leaders in Free Thought intervew

I've been away for a while, revising the SAB, trying to get it ready to publish in book form. I have a little hermitage (trailer, really) by the lake where I go to get things done. This trip it was Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, and Amos. I've updated the SAB accordingly.

So that's why I haven't been posting lately. And if you've submitted a comment and found that it hasn't been posted, well blame it on my cell phone (or me). The only internet access I have at the hermitage is a smart phone, and I'm a bit of a clutz in punching buttons on it. So sometimes when I wanted to press "publish" I got "delete" instead. Sorry about that. Re-submit and hope I push the right button this time.

Meanwhile, here's an interview that I did with Leaders in Free Thought.


Stephen said...

Well, you'd better get crackin', Steve! The Rapture is this coming Saturday. On second thought, folks like us will have until October 21, so take your time. :lol:
Steve Weeks

skanksta said...

Great interview Steve.
I was amazed to hear that you only began reading the bible in later life!
I figured you HAD to have been brought up in religion -probably Mormon!
Jeez you must work hard !

Stephen said...

I just listened to the interview and found it very interesting. But you sound like a regular sort of guy without horns; I'm a little disappointed. ;-)
Looking forward to the SAB in book form; it will go nicely next to my Revised Standard Version, Junior Bible, and The God Delusion. :-D
Steve Weeks

tube said...

I've sent a message to you in January and the same one in February. No reaction yet. I just re-sent it again. It contains some proposals to additions to SAB. I hope you'll find them worthy of inclusion.
Kind regards,