27 June 2011

The Periodic Table of Atheists

I'm number 65, which I guess makes me Terbium, the rarest of the rare earth elements. Or something like that.

Actually, though, my symbol is Ab, which is probably for "Annotated Bible" in the SAB, since, as you remember from your Chemistry class, only two letters are allowed for element symbols (S is taken by Sam Harris, and Sa by Carl Sagan). I'm grouped in "the wicked of the web," along with Sc (Skepchick, Rebecca Wastson), Bh (Blag Hag, Jen McCreight), Ec (Edward Current), and Md (Mr. Deity, Brian Keith Dalton). I am in very good company!


Stephen said...

Actually, you are #65. ;-)
In any case, you are in *excellent* company. Your immortality is assured. Congratulations!
Steve Weeks

Steve Wells said...

Thanks for the correction, Stephen. I hate it when I get my atheist number wrong.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Ayn Rand? That question answers itself, I know. Seriously, with the Tea Party people being such disciples of hers, she is arguably the most influential atheist at the moment. Even Ronald Reagan Sr. worshiped her.

Anonymous said...

The " bee" is El Salvador?
For " what"?

Steve Wells said...

I don't understand your question, Michelle. What "bee" are you talking about?

Unknown said...

Hi Steve. You are correct that the AB is for Annotated Bible. The SAB is one of the first sites I came across when starting to learn about atheism. thank you for the great resource! I refer to it often as I'm sure many others do too. - Michael @ungodlynews