19 November 2011

Christ on a Dog's Ass

Or it might be Muhammad (pb&jbuh). It's hard to tell those two apart.

Via Why Evolution is True


Stephen said...

On the Hispanic web site where Jerry Coyne saw this, the caption says Jesus appears in the "let the little children come to me" pose. ^_^
Steve Weeks

Bukko Boomeranger said...

Or it could be some new scary move super-villain with vortexes on his hands to suck your guts right out your mouth, and then steal your soul!

Or maybe it's just a dog's ass. I got yer Jeebus right here, buddy...

Stephen said...

I was reminded of this parody, sung to the tune of "The Church's One Foundation:


The dogs held a convention, they came from near and far.
And some dogs came by taxi, and some by motorcar.
And at the registration, they all signed in the book.
And each dog hung his asshole upon a separate hook.

One dog was not invited, and this aroused his ire.
He ran into the meeting, and there he shouted "fire!"
And in the mass confusion, the dogs forgot to look,
And each dog grabbed an asshole, from of the nearest hook.

The dogs ran from the meeting, they scattered far and wide,
And which dog had which asshole, they never could decide.
And now whenever dogs meet, on land or sea or foam,
Each sniffs the other's asshole, in hopes that it's his own.

Melody here if you need it:
Steve Weeks

Sabio Lantz said...

Being the sick bastards that we are, my son and I blew up this photo only to reveal that it was clearly photoshopped. We we disappointed we hadn't thought of doing the same.

We also checked our dog's anus but no divine personages making a visit -- we had hoped to see Buddha or Shiva to whom we are more partial. Alas!

Sabio Lantz said...
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Sabio Lantz said...

Being sick people, my son and I blew this picture up to show that it had been photoshopped. We were disappointed, hoping it was again a divine appearance -- and that we had not thought of doing this photoshopping ourselves.

We even checked our dog's anus but found nothing. We had hoped to find the Buddha or Shiva to which our house is more friendly.

Paul Sunstone said...

Which president is that?


Can you please post a video of your doggie taking a crap?
Preferably low angle :D

Elizabeth Flores said...

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