19 September 2012

The naked Muhammad (Don't look or you'll go blind)

Yesterday, the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, published some cartoons showing the prophet Muhammad (pb&jbuh). This, of course, is something no one is supposed to do, because it's blasphemy to show any kind of visual representation of Muhammad.

It all has to do with Muhammad's amazing modesty. He was the most modest person to have ever existed. He said so himself.

And he was especially modest when it came to exposing his private parts. No one, not even his favorite wife, Ayesha, ever saw him naked. Good thing, too, because if they did, they'd go blind.
Lady Ayesha … said, "I never saw the private parts of the Messenger of Allah." … The Prophet ... asked Imam Ali to ensure that no one other than himself should wash him (his covered body after his death). He told him, "No one has ever seen me naked, and if it were to happen he would become blind." Ash-Shifa, p.48
So please don't look at the cartoon below. If you do it will be the last thing you'll ever see.


~~~mY~seaCRETS~~ said...

what does the cartoon say ? English translations please

wakawakwaka said...

in the largest pannel Mohammed says "do you like my ass?"
in the pannel where Mohammed is naked it is said "a star is born"
the others are about muslims spazing out about moe being depicted in a movie

Unknown said...

My french blows now but I can do a pretty good job -

Muhammad: 'And my ass, do you like my ass?'
Bottom Left I can't read well
Next with star on Mo's ass: A star is born.
Bottom right: STOP SCREWING AROUND WITH MUHAMMAD and he says "I'm Jewish!"

can't read the other two

Sajjad Ahmad said...

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