29 October 2012

God helps Judas Machabeus destroy the wicked

After Matthathias died, his son, Judas Machabeus, replaced him as the leader of the Jewish terrorists  His first act was to burn "them that troubled his people" (with fire).
His [Mathathias'] son Judas, called Machabeus, rose up in his stead. 1 Machabees 3:1
And all his brethren helped him, and all they that had joined themselves to his father, and they fought with cheerfulness the battle of Israel. 2
He was like a lion, and like a lion's whelp roaring for his prey. 4
He pursued the wicked ... and them that troubled his people he burnt with fire. 5
Judah went through the cities of Judah, destroying the wicked, and making himself famous all over the world.
He went through the cities of Juda, and destroyed the wicked out of them ... And he was renowned even to the utmost part of the earth. 1 Machabees 3:8-9
He killed Apollonius and many of his soldiers, and he took the sword of Apollonius and fought with it for rest of his life.
Apollonius gathered together the Gentiles, and a numerous and great army from Samaria, to make war against Israel. 1 Machabees 3:10
Judas ... went forth to meet him: and he overthrew him, and killed him: and many fell down slain. 11
And he took their spoils, and Judas took the sword of Apollonius, and fought with it all his lifetime. 12
Seron, the captain of the Syrian army, heard about Judas (as had everyone on earth). He collected a large army of wicked men to fight Judas. When Judas' smaller army saw the Syrians, they were frightened. But Judas told them not to worry. Because success in war depends not on numbers, but on God. "The Lord himself will overthrow them."
Seron captain of the army of Syria heard that Judas had assembled a company of the faithful. 1 Machabees 3:13
He made himself ready: and the host of the wicked went up with him. 15
And Judas went forth to meet him, with a small company. 16
When they saw the army coming to meet them, they said to Judas: How shall we, being few, be able to fight against so great a multitude and so strong? 17
Judas said: It is an easy matter for many to be shut up in the hands of a few: and there is no difference in the sight of the God of heaven to deliver with a great multitude, or with a small company. 18
For the success of war is not in the multitude of the army, but strength cometh from heaven. 19
The Lord himself will overthrow them. 22
Immediately after his speech to his soldiers, Judas attacked Seron's army, killing 800 men.
As soon as he had made an end of speaking, he rushed suddenly upon them: and Seron and his host were overthrown before him ... and there fell of them eight hundred men. 1 Machabees 3:23-24
Which made Judas even more famous and feared.
The fear of Judas and of his brethren, and the dread of them fell upon all the nations round about them. 1 Machabees 3:25
His fame came to the king, and all nations told of the battles of Judas. 26
And Judas was just getting started.

OK, so how many have God and Judas killed so far? Here are some estimates.

  • 100 wicked troublemakers burned to death (1 Machabees 3:5)
  • 3000 wicked destroyed from cities of Judah (3:8-9)
  • Apollonius and 1000 of his men (3:10-12)
  • Seron and 800 of the host of the wicked (3:13-24)
Total: 4900

The same story (more or less) is told in 2 Machabees 8:5-6.

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TWF said...

Oh, now I understand why this book isn't universally considered canonical. People may get confused and think that Judas Machabeus was the Messiah.

It is interesting to see the language in this late addition to Scripture, because the author made it sound a lot like the rest of the OT. He certainly did a better job than Joseph Smith.