13 March 2013

2 Machabees 4:29-42: A Jewish mob kills Lysimachus, the sacrilegious fellow

In the last apocryphal killing, God killed Andronicus (the sacrilegious wretch) for supporting the wrong candidate (Menelaus) for Jewish high priest.

The next high priest was Menelaus's brother, Lysimachus.
Menelaus was removed from the priesthood, Lysimachus his brother succeeding. 2 Machabees 4:29
There were rumors among the Jews that Lysimachus followed after his brother's sacrilegious ways.
Now when many sacrileges had been committed by Lysimachus in the temple by the counsel of Menelaus, and the rumour of it was spread abroad, the multitude gathered themselves together against Lysimachus, a great quantity of gold being already carried away. 4:39
So the mob killed Lysimachus by throwing stones, clubbing him to death, and (worst of all) throwing ashes upon him.
Wherefore the multitude making an insurrection, and their minds being filled with anger ... caught up stones, some strong clubs: and some threw ashes upon Lysimachus ... the sacrilegious fellow ... they slew. 4:40-42
And although the text doesn't say so explicitly, it's pretty clear that God inspired and approved of this killing (even if he didn't assist in it by throwing ashes himself).

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