01 May 2013

Sold Out---but more on the way!

Thanks to everyone who ordered a hardcover Skeptic's Annotated Bible!

We just sold our last copy yesterday, and now are accepting Pre-orders for the next printing, which is due to arrive in early July.

A few typos have been corrected (Thanks to everyone who sent them in) and 16 blank pages for notes have been added to the back of the book. There are a few slight improvements in the book, but mainly we were in a hurry to get it to press.


Stephen said...

Does this count as another version of the bible? ^_^
Steve Weeks

Brucker said...

Oh, and congratulations, you big sellout!

Steve Wells said...

Thanks Brucker and welcome back!

I miss your posts at the Annotated Skeptic's Annotated Bible blog. Is there any chance you'll take that up again? Or maybe you'd like to do some guest posts here.

Brucker said...

Eh, I've been feeling pretty generally burnt out lately, but sometimes writing can be energizing. I was considering making a stab at the Gospel of John, since most Christians who read my blog ask me why I haven't done anything from the New Testament. (I feel like I should do the three other Gospels more or less simultaneously, since parallelism is an issue, and if you do them in sequence, by the time you get to Luke, you feel like you're doing the same thing for the third time, which you sort of are.)