01 November 2013

On the road with the SAB: Red Top Mountain and A. H. Stephens State Parks

As I mentioned back in August, Skeptic's Annotated Bibles were placed in cottages rented by the Georgia state parks. So since Philip and I were on our way to New York, and since Georgia is (sort of) on the way, we decided to visit the parks that agreed to put SABs next to Gideon Bibles in their cottages.

The first park that we visited was Red Top Mountain. We asked the park ranger if we could view the rooms, and to our surprise, she said OK.

Here is what we found when we opened the drawer next to the bed.

Red Top Mountain state park has eight cottages with an SAB (and a Gideon Bible) in each of the two bedrooms. (We didn't check all of them, but the ranger assured us that there are two in each cottage.)

Our next stop was A. H. Stephens State Historical Park near Crawfordville, Georgia. There are four cottages at the park that were also supplied with SABs. So we stopped at the office and asked the park manager if we could see one of them. He said OK, and, once again, we found an SAB sitting next to a Gideon Bible in each of the two bedroom drawers.

The strangest thing about this very strange affair is that apparently no one has yet commented or complained. I'd have never thought such a thing could happen in Georgia.

The second park that we visited, by the way, is named after Alexander H. Stephens who was the Vice President of the Confederacy. Here's what he had to say about slavery:
Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition. (Cornerstone Speech)
Here is his statue by his graveside at the park.

File:Stephens Monument.JPG
Alexander H. Stephens graveside memorial at A. H. Stephens State Park

Next stop: New York City.


Stephen said...

I have a feeling that no one really looks at bibles in motel rooms except atheists. Bible "enthusiasts" probably have their own copies with them, all dog-eared and well-worn, so they have no interest in other copies.
Steve Weeks

Yark Hutprancer said...

I know that when I was a Christian, the last thing I wanted to do was crack open that book in the drawer. Law and Order was a thousand times more interesting.