04 April 2014

How many did God kill in the Book of Mormon?

In a previous post, I compared the number of people killed in the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Quran. Since then, my son Philip and I have taken a much closer look at the Book of Mormon, and it turns out that I missed quite a few killings in that first attempt nearly eight years ago. So here's a new, more complete list. (I've also updated the previous list to include the missed killings.)
I've tried to use the same standard for the killings in the Book of Mormon as I did for the Bible in Drunk With Blood. But there are probably some that shouldn't be on the list, and others that should be. Let me know what you think.
In future posts, I'll try to tell the stories for each of the BoM killings. Heck, maybe there'll even be a Drunk With Blood: The Book of Mormon edition.

BoM Number Estimate
1 1 Nephi 4:10-18 Laban 1 1
2 Jacob 7:15-20 Sherem 1 1
3 Words of Mormon 14 Lamanites - 10,000
4 Mosiah 9:18 Lamanites 3,043 3,043
5 Mosiah 10:19-20 Lamanites - 10,000
6 Mosiah 19:16-24 Noah is burned to death 1 1
7 Alma 1:15 Nehor 1 1
8 Alma 2:16-19 Amlicites 12,532 12,532
9 Alma 2:27-28 Amlicites and Lamanites - 10,000
10 Alma 2:30-31 Amlici 1 1
11 Alma 2:33-36 Amlicites and Lamanites 10,000
12 Alma 14:8-13 Women and children burn to death - 100
13 Alma 14:27 Wall falls on priests and Lawyers of Ammonihah - 10
14Alma 16: Ammonihahites - 1000
15 Alma 17:36-38 Lamanite robers 77
16 Alma 19:22 A Lamanite who tries to kill Ammon for killing his brother 11
17Alma 28:2 Lamanites - 30,000
18Alma 28:11 Lamanites - 10,000
19Alma 30:2 Lamanites - 10,000
20Alma 30:59 Korihor 1 1
21Alma 44:12 Zerahemnah 1 1
22Alma 44:17 Naked Lamanites - 1,000
23Alma 50:22 Wicked Nephites and Lamanites 5,000
24Alma 51:19 Dissenters 4,000 4,000
25Alma 51:34 Amalickiah 1 1
26Alma 57:14 Lamanites 2,000 2,000
27Alma 62:9 "King-men" - 10
28Alma 62:10 Freedom deniers - 10
29Alma 62:11 Freedom haters - 10
30Alma 62:25 Lamanites - 20
31Alma 62:36 Lamanite king 1 1
32Alma 62:38 Lamanites - 10,000
33Helaman 1:7-8 Paanchi 1 1
34Helaman 11:6 God and Nephi's famine - 5,000
353 Nephi 4:11 Giddianhi and his robbers 1 10,000
363 Nephi 4:21 Robbers - 30,000
373 Nephi 4:27 More robbers - 1,000
383 Nephi 4:28 Zemnarihah 1 1
393 Nephi 8:14 Jesus destroys large cities - 20,000
403 Nephi 8:15 City folks - 1,000
413 Nephi 8:16 People carried away in whirlwinds - 20
423 Nephi 9:1-15 Jesus destroyes 16 cities - 16,000
43Mormon 2:15 Lamanites - 5,000
44Mormon 3:8 Lamanites - 1,000
45Mormon 6:9-15 Nephite soldiers 230,000 1,000,000
46Ether 9:30 King Kom's people - 1,000
47Ether 9:31 Poisonous snakes bite the people - 1,000
48Ether 11:7 Wars, famines and pestilences - 100,000
49Ether 14:25 God's wrath kills the Jaredites - 10,000
50Ether 15:2 Two million mighty men, with their wives and children 2,000,000 8,000,000
51Ether 15:19 God destroys the Jaredites - 1,000,000
2,251,59510 million


Autumn said...


Stephen said...

"Book of Ether" - LOL, then...
Steve Weeks

Steve Wells said...

Thanks, Autumn, for the corrections on the totals. I see my mistake now. I put 2 million in the wrong column!

TheEngineer said...

Not only did he kill tons of people.. looks like his good credit history is not recognized!


Lifestyles 2012 said...

Steve - I can't help but notice that you are really upset that God kills so many. I am sure you feel that a good God would not kill so many. The problem is with the origination of sin when Satan mixed with man. God has been cleansing and sifting His crop ever since. His first major cleaning was when He flooded the world. He continues through time. God made us and it is His will to exalt or destroy. He is killing off sin. Sorry you think he is killing good-hearted people.

Stephen said...

You don't think there were any "good-hearted people" on Earth at the time of the "Flood"? How about the unborn children... were they touched by "sin"?

We know, thanks to science, that there never was one "Adam" and one "Eve" from whom we all descended. Therefore there was no "original sin", and the whole basis of the need for "forgiveness" evaporates.

Besides, an omniscient deity who (supposedly) created these first humans knowing that they would disobey, then punish not only them but all the descendants they would ever have would have to be a major-league asshole, don't you think?
Steve Weeks

Lifestyles 2012 said...

Steve - what the science stuff is right. God made Adam and Eve and they were perfect. The only problem was they did not have free will. The apple represents satan and the introduction of satan with His DNA. Eves first child after "eating the apple" was having a child with satan. Cane was born and God never accepted offerings from him. Satan was a murderer and populated the world. He introduced the world of sin to the world but at the same time - he offered free will. God is simply using satan. Over time he will sift the bad DNA of satan and will eventually find the only part He was looking for. That is free will to love God. We are given a choice. Remember - satan was originally Gods most beautiful angel. God is simply taking the best of what satan had in his DNA and will burn the rest. At the time of Noah - all the DNA that He needed for his ultimate purpose was inside Noah and his children. Everything and everyone else was not needed for His ultimate design. If you think that makes God mean or bad then you are not the one who created us and do not know His plans. I'm cool with it. Each year we seem to get better and nicer. 2000 years ago we feed people to lions. 200 years ago - we slaved our neighbors. But - I think we are getting better.

Stephen said...

You're just making shit up. And "Cane" is a kind of sugar.
Steve Weeks