30 September 2015

The two faces of pope Francis

Well it was fun to imagine, but now we know the truth: Pope Francis is as anti-gay as Kim Davis.

During his visit to the U.S., the pope met secretly with Kim Davis, thanking her for her "courage" and telling her to "be strong."

Then the two hugged and promised to pray for each other.

I hope someone got a picture of that.


Kestrel said...

It's shameful that he would stoop so low to meet with this vile person. I feel as if his true character has come more fully into focus.

I wouldn't expect the pope (this one or any other) to publicly embrace gay rights. It's just politically too at odds with the church's teachings. But to embrace a bigoted hypocrite like Davis is utterly disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

So, I guess Francis is okay with her having remarried not only three times, but twice to the same man?

Which according to the Bible is an abomination unto the Lord?

But I guess he's willing to overlook that little fact as long as you're getting your gay-hate on.

Stephen said...

Doesn't Kim Davis's new church think the Pope is the Anti-Christ or some such BS?
Steve Weeks

Unknown said...

At its core Christianity (like most religions) is totalitarian. The impulse to control is baked in like a blink reflex that has to be consciously suppressed. The Roman critics of Christianity knew all this and more, much more, 18 centuries ago.


Stephen said...

Hmmm... maybe it wasn't what it seemed to be. Either that, or the Vatican is doing some serious "damage control":


Steve Weeks

Yark Hutprancer said...

Maybe Kim Davis will get saved by becoming a Catholic. Oh wait. You don't have to become a Catholic to be saved anymore, do you? Maybe the Catholic church will change its stance on gay marriage. Who the hell knows? With believers, any nonsense is possible.


Unknown said...

Hey Steve, I've noticed that the SAB app is no longer available on the iTunes App Store. Why is that, and when do you plan to have it back up on the App Store?