18 July 2006

Dembski's Defective Design Inference

To make us realize the full extent of human sin, God does not merely allow personal evils (i.e. the disordering of our souls and the sins we commit as a result) to run their course subsequent to the Fall. In addition, God allows natural evils (e.g. death, predation, parasitism, disease, drought, floods, famines, earthquakes, and hurricanes) to run their course prior to the Fall. Thus, God himself wills the disordering of creation, making it defective on purpose. William Dembski, The End of Christianity, p.145

Notice that according to Dembski, God purposefully designed the evils of the natural world, "making it defective on purpose."

What a valuable concept! Defective Design (DD)! It will be interesting to see how Dembski and others who believe in DD will incorporate it into their "design inference."

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Kim/moolric said...

It should be quite obvious to anyoen that human's aren't intelligently designed. We have so many flaws it's ridiculous. If I was so foolish as to believe in ID, the fact that women have periods that last for DAYS would convince me otherwise.