06 December 2007

Don't ask Mitt about his beliefs: It's unconstitutional

Don't ...

... about his Mormon beliefs.
(It's Unconstitutional!)

So now we know why Mitt Romney won't talk about his Mormon beliefs. It's prohibited by the constitution.

Here's what he said in his long-awaited "I'm no Jack Kennedy" speech.

There are some who would have a presidential candidate describe and explain his church's distinctive doctrines. To do so would enable the very religious test the founders prohibited in the Constitution.

So if Mitt's interpretation of the no religious test clause is correct, then reporters can't ask and Mitt can't tell us about his Mormon beliefs.

And voters can't consider a candidate's religious views (no matter how dangerous or bizarre) as a factor in selecting a president. It is unconstitutional for any voter to even think about the fact that Romney wears holy underwear.

I'm sure Mitt wishes it were otherwise. He'd love to share his Mormon faith with us. To explain the details of celestial marriage, the whereabouts of the planet Kolob, baptism of the dead, blood atonement, Jesus' little brother Satan, etc.

But he can't. It would be unconstitutional. He can't talk about it and we can't think about it.

I guess that means he won't have to lie about it anymore.


Lars Larson said...

Bizarre? Dangerous? Believing God has a body and lives on Kolob is bizarre? But believing the that God killed his own son because only then could He save us is not? Come on.

What would be really bizarre would be to have an Atheist running for President. We will have a foreign-born, black, post-male transsexual teenager as president before another publicly declared atheist has any chance

Another one you say? Yeah, you remember Thomas Jefferson, don't you?

McGuire said...

Guess they didn't have Drudge Report back then :)

Unknown said...

Believing that God killed his own son because only then he could save us is just as creepy and bizarre.
-shayn nicely