18 December 2007

In case you missed it, the answer to Huckabee's question is yes

(But don't say anything about it to anyone or think about it yourself. It's unconstitutional!)

Back in February, when Mitt Romney announced his intention to run for president, I suggested that someone should ask him about the Mormon Jesus. And,as we all know, someone did.

I doubt if Mike Huckabee was taking my suggestion, though. He probably doesn't read my blog or visit the SAB.

But it was a good question, nonetheless; and although neither Romney nor the LDS church would answer it, the answer is yes. Mormons believe that Jesus is Satan's older brother.

The question is answered in the Pearl of Great Price, which (along with the Bible and the Book of Mormon) is a part of LDS scripture. So I've decided to include it at the SAB. I've just got started on it (I'm on the first chapter of the Book of Abraham). I'll have more to say about it as I go along.

Until then, here's a good summary of what Mormons believe (but refuse to say) about Jesus.

Oh, and here's a picture of the two brothers. (Jesus is on the right.)


Anon said...

You can definitely see the resemblance.

zooplah said...

I found that thing about Jesus being Satan's brother hilarious. Only later did I realize you were being serious. Hmm.

Gene said...

I hope you don't mind but I used your terrific picture along with the proper accreditation an on my blog.

Brucker said...

You're going to do the Pearl of Great Price as well?! You're a glutton for punishment aren't you?

Rob said...

Did anyone else think the Devil looks just like John Travolta?

angelsdepart said...

I did a study on the Mormon religion in High school. It is quite interesting. Not only are Jesus and Satan brothers, but according to them all of the angels that chose to remain neutral in the big war against heaven and hell were eventually sent to earth to live as humans and were cursed with black skin. I believe that it wasn't until sometime in the 50s or 60s that the Mormon church actually allowed black people in. Well at least there is one religion that is willing to admit that they are wrong and change their ways huh?

Anon said...

>> at least there is one religion that is willing to admit that they are wrong and change their ways huh?

They are making progress. If they recant on the whole seer stone in a hat thing, I might consider converting.

Unknown said...

Angels: try 1978.

Unknown said...

I just stumbled on this blog and the Skeptics Annotated Book of Mormon website. You all seem like nice people, I just wanted to clarify the whole people who were neutral in the war in heaven coming to the earth as black people.... I've never heard that before... and i know for certain it isn't church doctrine... maybe some random general authority said it in the 30's... but it's not doctrine. Also, the whole Satan and Jesus being brothers thing isn't some hush hush doctrine, they are brothers just as much as any male on this earth are brothers with jesus, they were both spirit children of the father... so hence, brothers. This brotherhood being Independent of Christ's mortal ministry, satan has nothing to do with being Jesus's brother when he was born of mary, just as a spirit child of the Father before the foundations of the world. That whole thing may just seem weird to trinitarians who equate christ with the father... Just fyi about those.... have a nice day.... and that satan definitely does like like John Travolta