03 May 2008

A Surah writing contest

The Quran has a challenge for all you nonbelievers out there. Compose a surah that is better than any of the Quran's surahs.

Here is the challenge from the Quran:

And if ye are in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto Our slave Muhammad), then produce a surah of the like thereof... Quran 2:23

Well that should be easy enough. Choose a surah from the Quran that you think is particularly awful (like Surah 111, for example) and write one of your own. If yours is better than the Quran's, then that will prove that the Quran is not the word of Allah (and that you are a better writer than Allah).

But be careful. This is what happens if you lose.

And if ye do it not - and ye can never do it - then guard yourselves against the Fire prepared for disbelievers, whose fuel is of men and stones. Quran 2:24

Sounds fair enough. Submit your surah and prove the Quran is not the word of Allah!


Nathaniel said...

To be fair, the surahs might lose something in translation. You could eliminate this source of error by composing your surah in arabic, but that is likely to reduce the pool of participants a bit.

Steve Wells said...

What is so special about Arabic, Nathaniel? Is it the only language Allah can understand?

v_quixotic said...

احمق كافر. يؤلف ، باللغتين الانكليزيه وترجم بعد ذلك استخدام صور! وقد الشيطان لاطلاق النار خاصة في مثل المشوهون مثلك!

I call this surah the Foolish Infidel

Steve Wells said...

Thanks for that v_quixotic. I'm sure that your surah is much better than surah 111.

Does your surah mean anything? If so, could you translate it for us?

Anonymous said...

the best part is when the Quran challenges you to do it, then tells you you can't. I admire that style of argument.

v_quixotic said...

Steve said:

Does your surah mean anything? If so, could you translate it for us?

In answer to the first 2 comments I put "Foolish infidel. Compose in English and then use Google Translate! Satan has a special fire for the likes of cretins like you!" into Google Translate... but when I asked the machine to convert back to English I got:

"Foolish infidel. Constitutes, in English and then translated the use of images! The devil of fire especially in such Cretins."

Steve Wells said...

Okay, so maybe your surah isn't as good as surah 111.

Anonymous said...

I call my surah "Beginning Cat"
(google transl)

1 Oh hai. In the ceiling beginnin cat maded the skiez the urfs one, but it does not eated DEM.

2 Surfs may not shapez, one haded the face of darkness, a ceiling of the Committee Against Torture Rod invisible above the motorcycle waters.

BaldySlaphead said...

1. Blessed is he who questions,
2. (Or she - because women are equally able to think skeptically and only a fool would suggest otherwise)
3. particuarly when faced with specious crud.
4. They shall be called 'sensible'.
5. Their decisions shall be better than those who believe any old tosh regardless of the lack of supporting evidence.

Unknown said...

Alas, I am a "Newbie from Newberry, thrice removed from Mayberry, RFD: though ye knew it not!"
Nevertheless and furthermore, I am looking for further light and knowledge from G. O. Hovah (not to be confused with a puny car named Geo Meto, for G-d is not a metrosexual).
Mine question, though, be this: What the &*%$ is a "surah"? Does it have a "fringe on top"? And, can it be harse-drawn? (but, harse-drawn only in Spanish Fark, me supposes).

Truly, though, is "surah" the equivalent of a chapter, or a mere verse?

Steve Wells said...

Nice Surah, Jay, though maybe a bit short.

A surah is a chapter of the Quran, which has 114 surahs.

11-year old Atheist-Libertarian said...

115: The Contest Entry

115:1 Meem Lim Alif

115:2 Religion does not matter to Allah.

115:3 But you who do believe pray to qibla 5 times a day.

115:4 Allah love not those who are wasteful , force disbelievers to believe, disbelieve or disobey Allah.

115:5 Those who disbelieve are the rightful owners of the fire (even children and babies) but those believe and submit to Allah will get a garden.

IDEA: Why can't we compile an entire holy book based on all the surah entries. If it's best-selling than Islam will become mythology.

apollo.foxmask said...

seriously? steve do you have ANYTHING else than your life than bashing supernatural interpretations of the nature of the universe? any life at all? i am legitamaly curious.

Unknown said...

Oh ye disbelievers, why did you stop posting suggestions? Allah truly enjoys reading your comments, he is merciful.

Unknown said...

Hey Steve Allah challenge is top kek. Just replace Allah with ibilis and kafir with moslem in verses of quran. You just created Anti Quran that matches quran in exact literary excellence.