09 September 2008

Unfortunately, Barack, they are that stupid

Most of them, anyway -- and that's all it takes to win an election.

How stupid are Americans, you ask? Well, more than half believe in the literal truth of a book they've never read -- the Bible. It's their favorite book.

I think Sarah Palin will clinch the election for McCain. She's good looking and she believes stupid things. What more could a stupid person ask for?


busterggi said...

Yes, I'm pretty certain this choice of pandering to the ignorant will put McCain over the top. Never underestimate the deliberate ignorance of people.

Gene said...

Heaven Forbid (tm) we treat the election like we're selecting someone for a JOB .. better to pretend we're selecting who will be the least annoying neighbor.

Or the biggest bully.

I haven't decided which criteria is appropriate.

Anon said...

From what I've heard and read, the evangelical right is giddy with the idea that one of their own is going to the general election. But I have to wonder, are these people really not afraid what the average American will think if they find out what Palin's religious background is? She's from one of the most extreme sects (although she's switched to non-denominational apparently, that talk on YouTube was from earlier this year).

Americans may be stupid, but I think even most Christians think that speaking in tongues and predicting the future through prophecy isn't possible nowadays. Publicly praying to God for an oil pipeline for political or personal gain would be considered in bad taste in most Christian circles at best, if not outright sacrilegious.

I think most Christians are Christians because they really don't know any better. Most have never actually read the Bible. If they found out more about Palin and the Assemblies of God, I *hope* they would think it was too far out there.

What they think and what they are willing to admit are two different things, I guess. You might think she's nuts but not feel comfortable coming out and saying so, just in case the person next to you (or your constituents if you're a politician) is "more Christian" or more of a true believer than you are.

Strange days.

David Henson said...

sad, but true.