30 March 2009

This is the Finger of God

Pharaoh's magicians were a talented bunch.

They could turn rods into snakes, the Nile into blood, and bury Egypt in frogs. But there are some things that only a god can do.

Like make lice, for example.

The magicians could match all of God's tricks until he made lice. That one they just couldn't do. So they gave up, saying, "This is the finger of God."

So now you know what the finger of God looks like.


busterggi said...

Trust Yahweh to excell in creating parasites be they priests or lice.

PersonalFailure said...

I did think that it was more than a little odd that Pharoah's magicians could match snakes, blood and frogs, but were stymied by lice.

I mean, lice?

Em said...

I think I'm going to start following your blog!

It seems really interesting :)

Joshua said...

Gnats...it was gnats.