21 November 2009

Psalm 109ers: The new face of the Republican Party

You've heard of the birthers, the teabaggers, the 9/12ers.

Now we have the Psalm 109ers.

It's the new face of the Republican Party. Praying for people to die, starting with Barack Obama.

The Republican Party is embracing the hatred in the Bible.


skanksta said...

Steve, I LOVE your blog - best thing on the web. For some reason I've never taken the time to tell you, but you have another silent fan.
I feel really sorry for your readers that have to wrestle with God's cruelty and all the other mental gymnastics and I urge to be gentle and supportive of them. As a European it was a real eye-opener to realise that people in the US still BELIEVE this stuff - I just think it's kinda funny...

Freddy said...

People all over the world believe in Jesus and Muhammad....it's not just in the US.

The biggest problem for our politics is that the Republicans use religion to maintain their stranglehold on their base of voters (or actually, it's the other way around) and the Democrats use religion to say "Me too" and hang on to older voters that are old school Dems that won't give up on Jesus.

The faith of Muslims and Christians now has the power to kill multitudes of people in an instant, yet we continue to suffer it with a nod and a wink. FREDDY

Matthew Blanchette said...

As for me, I think it's kind of terrifying, especially with the so-called "feast of goodwill" coming up.

skanksta said...

Yeah, of course they do, but the difference is... in Europe our politicians would never dare to claim to talk to God - we'd think they were insane = big vote loser. A Mormon could NOT get anywhere near The Cabinet, for example and
Tony Blair's popularity sunk through the floor when he tried to play up his Catholicism. His spin doctor (media adviser), famously screamed at him before a public appearance, "Tony, we don't DO God!"