16 June 2010

What Obama should have said last night

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Except for the "God bless you and God bless America" bullshit at the end.


R. said...

I cut my grass with an electric lawnmower, why can't I drive to work in an electric car? As much as it sucks what's happening to the environment on the coast, my main selfish interest is that I don't like paying $2.50/gal when, barely ten years ago I was paying $.70. I want an electric car. Almost everyone out there would love a car that you didn't have to pay $30-60 to fill up the tank.

...and from the wikipedia page for the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car", I found this quote...

"We don't deserve the catastrophe in Iraq, and the two madmen arguing over oil supply lines seem intent on martyrdom for Iraq in a widening war. With EV, we need not get involved in seizing and defending the oil supplies of the Mideast; nor need we maintain fleets, bomb and incarcerate people we can't stand, give foreign aid to oily dictators, and so on. It's not anything to laugh about."

Lets not forget about all the problems we're having over in the middle east because of oil.

This may seem like an overly political topic for a blog about religions, but I think it is relative because, with all of America's entangling alliances with Jewish and Muslim countries over land, oil, money, and the rest of the generic political B.S, it shows how much power religious groups have over our country, and the rest of the world.

If these religious countries have us by the testicles politically, then it won't take much squeezing to get us to, say, ban cartoons making fun of Mohamed, or some kind of tax-payer funding for Muslim religious schools, etc.

In other words, if we're addicted to oil, and Islamic countries are where we get out fix, then it won't be long until they become our pimps.

I always found it odd that after a handful of Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirate men carried out the worst terrorist attack in the history of America...we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, while continuing to import large quantities of oil from Saudi Arabia and offering to turn over port security to a firm owned by the UAE...

I'm just judging these books by their covers here, so don't take me as some conspiracy nut just yet...but when you smell something fishy, it's OK to assume there's some fish around, somewhere.

Matthew Blanchette said...

I get that you didn't like the "God bless America" bit, Steve, but at least it wasn't as ridiculous as what Obama actually said in invoking God... ;-)

Steve Wells said...


Yeah, at least she didn't suggest that we should all just pray and let God take care of it. (Like Obama did at the end of his speech.) Still, it was disappointing to hear her throw in that "God bless America" crap at the end. Otherwise, though, I thought her speech was great.