23 June 2010

Can I be banned in Pakistan too?

Seven sites have been banned in Pakistan for offending the Quran.

Well, I try hard to offend the Quran. I just don't know how to offend a fucking book.

So I offend Islam instead.

Maybe I'm already banned, though. Someone emailed me (back when Pakistan banned Facebook for the "Draw Muhammad Day" thing) and told me that the SAQ was blocked in Pakistan. Maybe it still is. Could someone from Pakistan check and let me know?

That would be so cool. Then I'd know for sure that I had succeeded in offending that (god-awful) book.


Matthew Blanchette said...

Let's hope, but I, for one, would wish it were available in Pakistan, were I you... :-S

skanksta said...

Got quite a few pakistani mates - will try to remember to ask them for you when they go back.