21 September 2011

Biblical Family Values: An analysis by book

Here are the family values plots.

Matthew and Luke have the most Family Values in the New Testament and Genesis does in the Old.

And here's how it looks when size is accounted for. (Family Values Index is the number of Family Values per 100 verses.)

First Peter takes the FVI prize in the New Testament and Hosea, Esther, and Ruth win the Old Testament's gold, silver, and bronze Family Values medals.

And here is the log-log plot (minus the books with no family values).

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Monocle Lad said...

I know its petty, but shouldn't red be New Testament, because thats the Jesus testament and his words are famous for being red text. :p

The charts as always are very interesting.

Steve Wells said...

Yeah, I suppose you're right. The choice was mostly arbitrary, but I thought red went with all the blood, guts, and gore in the Old Testament. But maybe the NT should be red in honor of the Red-Letter Christians and the Bibles they named themselves after. It's too much trouble to change now though. (Maybe in a later revision.)

Steve Wells said...

OK, Monocle Lad. I reversed the color coding, so now the Old Testament is black and the New Testament is red -- in honor of the "Red Letter Christians."