12 September 2011

Ron Paul's health care plan: Let uninsured sick people die and unlicensed "doctors" practice medicine


PG said...

I found this quite interesting. I am for freedom, and I don't fully disagree with him that some of the basic tenants of freedom is letting people make their own bad choices.
It is however unfortunate to think that a nation should not defend it's weak and needy. And at times it is a brutally cold fact that some choices are best that we not have to make ourselves. For humans waver in their understanding as a whole.
The part about alternative medicine is more silly though, even if it promotes freedom to choose. Alternative medicine is not medicine.
The ideals he promotes would be awesome in a utopian society, where everyone has perfect knowledge and perfect continuous judgement. But this is not how the world works.

Neil D. said...

The question was a "healthy guy with a good job who decides not to pay for insurance". It is a completely different question than supporting the needy. There are many things on which I disagree with Ron Paul, some I agree with.

JustJoeP said...

Unlicensed doctoring is par for the course for the Paul family. Senator son and hair club for men member Rand could not get certified by a legitimate national board as an ophthalmologist(the ABO) so he created his own board, the NBO, and certified himself. Read more here:
ABC News reports, made up certificate

Marcus Friedrich said...

I don't like his idea that the "churches took care of them". The last thing the US needs right now is a bunch of parochial religious medical institutions proselytizing patients and families. However, Paul is on to something when he emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility and freedom to decide for ourselves. Paul's main point is that Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution says nothing about Govt providing healthcare for the poor and needy. It says to provide for "general welfare of the nation" but in the 18th century "welfare" did not mean perpetual payments for chronic unemployment, food stamps and free health care. It meant "health, happiness, prosperity, well-being."
I don't think Americans would be damaged by a call to greater self-reliance...like not signing mortgage refinance agreements or eating shit food without understanding the terms and potential consequences.