23 February 2012

Bryan Fischer: We need a president who will make a bronze serpent to protect us from God's fiery serpents

God, I love it when fundamentalists quote Numbers 21.

You remember Numbers 21, don't you? It's the one where the Israelites complain about the lack of food and water, so God sends snakes to bite them, and many of them die.

So the people ask Moses to ask God to call off the snakes. And that's when God came up with a wonderful plan. He told Moses to make a bronze (brass in the KJV) serpent and stick it on a pole. Then, when the snake-bite victims look at it, they won't die.

So that's what Moses did.

And that, according to Bryan Fischer, is what we need our next president to do. Make a bronze serpent to protect us from God's fiery serpents.

It will probably be Rick Stantorum's first act as president.

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sam said...

Good stuff.

MT 7:9-11 yhwh gives bread, not snakes, to those asking for bread.

Oops. NU 21:4-6, 1 Cor 10:9 yhwh gives snakes, not bread, to those asking for bread.

I also very much enjoyed this douchebag slipping into common mafia euphemisms, in which yhwh isn't directly ordering the serpents to kill the offending children of israel, but merely withdrawing his "protection".

It's too bad there isn't a mental gymnastics category in the Olympics. This guy is a shoe-in for the gold. He's far too brainwashed to see the aetiological story of Nehushtan (2Kings 18:1-7) for what it is. The author of John is responding to jewish criticisms of idolotry to his jesus divinity worship by pointing out in 3:15, "Hey, we've have god-sanctioned idolotry in judaism before, why not now?" It's almost as funny as that photo of the fundamentalists praying at the golden calf on Wall Street, shortly after the financial melt-down.

Finally, he caps everything off with a reference to King Sihon of Heshbon (DT 2:30), but conveniently fails to mention that it is yhwh who "hardens his heart", stripping him of free will in order to precipitate the herem genocide of women and children (DT 2:34).

Morally bankrupt people like this Bryan Fischer really do raise the question of what should be considered the boundaries of constitutionally-protected hate speech.