29 March 2012

Richard Dawkins and Michael Aus discuss the Clergy Project

The morning after the Reason Rally, Michael Aus was on the Chris Hayes Show, where he first came out as a non-believing Christian minister. Here is another interview, this time with Richard Dawkins.

Here's an excerpt.
Dawkins: What first led to those doubts? 
Aus: What really first started it was actually paying attention to the Bible. 
Dawkins: I'm not surprised. 
Aus: Yeah, it seems silly that you work with the Lectionary week in and week out, teach Bible studies, and you start to see the inconsistencies, the fabrications, and the fascinating thing about this to me is that you don't have to be a Bible scholar to see this stuff. 
Dawkins: It's not just the fabrications, it's the sheer unpleasantness. 
Aus: Unpleasantness. It's brutal. The genocides, the slaughters, the oppression of women, the support for slavery, it goes on and on. There are a few gems of wisdom in the Bible, but you have to dig to find them.
Dawkins: Of course, we can always say that that was then and we've moved on.  But, of course, we have moved on, and that's the point, istn't it? 
Aus: Yes, exactly! 

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