17 March 2012

What did Muhammad like? LIttle-known details from the Ash-Shifa

Here is a list of interesting facts about the Prophet Muhammad (PB&J be upon him) from Ash-Shifa: "The best biography of the Prophet Muhammad in 800 years." Ash-Shifa is highly regarded throughout the Muslim world, where it is said, "If Ash-Shifa is found in a house, this house will not suffer any harm." So it's a good book to have around. (I keep my copy in the bathroom on top of the Quran.)

The illiterate prophet of Islam was more intelligent than all other humans combined. Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and Darwin had nothing on Mo.
If all the intelligence of humanity, from the first to the last, were to be gathered as one, it would be in comparison to the intelligence of the Prophet... as a single grain of sand." p.49
His knowledge encompassed all sciences in full. p.211 
General qualities
He was the best, the greatest, the most perfect human being. Allah liked him more than anyone else.
Allah … made him the most perfect human being. p.12
 The Messenger of Allah … is the best of the People p.18
 Prophet Muhammad … is by far the most worthy and the greatest of all mankind. p.44
 Lady Ayesha, Mother of Believers … tells us that the Prophet … said, "Gabriel came to me and said, 'I searched the East and the West of the earth and saw no man better than Muhammad.” p.96
Allah preferred Muhammad to the angels of the heavens and all the other prophets. p.99  
Allah honored Muhammad above the inhabitants of the heavens of the earth. p.108
As for the normal shadows that are cast by either the light of the sun or moon, he had none because he himself was radiant with his own light. p.218  
Mo said that he was the most  generous, courageous, and powerful person to ever exist. He had more sex than Wilt Chamberlain  and more followers than Lady Gaga. Allah likes him more than you and Allah likes his wives more than yours. He was the most eloquent Arab; the most honored and noblest of the children of Adam; and he'll have 1000 adoring youths surrounding him in paradise. And this is no boast.
The Prophet ... said, "I have been preferred over my nation in four things – generosity, courage, abundance of sexual intercourse and great power." p.57
The Prophet … addressed the people, saying, "O gathering of believers! Allah … has preferred me greatly over you, and He has preferred my wives greatly over yours." pp.102-3 
The Prophet … told his Companions, "I am the most eloquent of Arabs.” p.52 
The Prophet … spoke of his honored position saying, "I am the most honored of the children of Adam with my Lord, and this is no boast."  p.96
The Prophet … said, “I am the noblest of the children of Adam before my Lord, and this is no boast." p.121
"I am the noblest of all the children of Adam with my Lord, and this is no boast. A thousand youths of Paradise will go about me as if they were hidden pearls." p.121
The Prophet  … spoke … saying, "On the Day of Resurrection I will be the master of the Children of Adam and the Banner of Praise will be in my hand, and this is not a boast. p.121
All the prophets from the time of Adam will come under my banner, and I will be the first for whom the earth splits open, and this is no boast." p.121
I will be the one with the most followers. p.121
Mo was a modest person, especially when it came to exposing his private parts. No one, not even his favorite wife, Ayesha, ever saw him naked. Good thing, too, because if they did, they'd go blind.
 The Prophet ...  was a modest person. 57
When Prophet Muhammad ... took part in the rebuilding of Ka'ba, he was about raise his robe ... but he was prevent by the heaven ... When his uncle asked what ... stopped him, he replied, "I have been prevented from exposing my privates." p.217
Lady Ayesha … said, "I never saw the private parts of the Messenger of Allah." … The Prophet ... asked Imam Ali to ensure that no one other than himself should wash him (his covered body after his death). He told him, "No one has ever seen me naked, and if it were to happen he would become blind." p.48 
Mo was the most handsome man that ever existed. His eyes were black, with natural mascara with a slight tinge of pink, accentuated by long eyelashes. His complexion was fair, his beard reached his chest, and his fingers were long. The hair on his chest formed a fine line, but the rest of his body was completely hairless.  His feet were so smooth that water ran off them. (Good info for Draw Muhammad Day.)
He was the most handsome man ever created, surpassing the beauty of Prophet Joseph for whom the women of the city cut their hands. p.44
The complexion of Prophet Muhammad … was radiant. His eyes were black, deep, widely set, and naturally mascaraed with a slight tinge of pink, accentuated by long eyelashes. p.45 
His beard was thick and reached his chest. ... His fingers were long and … the hair between his chest and navel was fine. He was of medium stature, however, when a tall person walked by his side the Prophet … appeared to be the taller. As for his hair it was neither curly nor straight and when he laughed his teeth were visible like a flash of lightning, or, they have been described as white as hailstones. p.45 
Allah did not send a prophet without making his face and voice beautiful, and that Prophet Muhammad … had the most handsome face of all of them and also the best voice. p.86 
The Prophet … His complexion was fair … his nose was long and had a line of light over it that someone might, unthinkingly, suppose to be his nose. His beard was thick, and his eyes were black and naturally mascared. His cheeks were firm and his mouth wide with evenly spaced teeth. The hair on his chest formed a fine line. His neck was as if it were fashioned from pure silver. p.91 
The Prophet's physique was finely balanced, and his body firm and muscular. His belly was equal in size to his chest. His chest was broad and the space between his shoulders wide. His calves were full. He was luminous! p.91 
Between the neck and navel of the Prophet ... there was a fine line of hair, however the rest of his torso was free from hair … His feet were so smooth that water ran off them. p.92 
Ancestry and pre-existence
Mo came from a long line of non-fornicators. There was not a single female fornicator in 500 generations. Allah created Mo's spirit 2000 years before Adam, putting him into the loins of Adam, Noah, and Abraham. He moved Mo from their noble loins into one pure womb after another, until finally Allah put Mo's spirit into the loins and womb of his parents.
From the time of Prophet Adam … there was neither an adulterer nor fornicator in the lineage of the Prophet, all were officially married. p.13
A line of no less than five hundred female ancestors of the Prophet ... He too verified that none had fornicated. p.13 
The spirit of the Prophet ...  was a light in the hands of Allah two thousand years before He created Adam … and when Allah created Adam, He cast that light into his loins.” p.53 
The Prophet ...  said, "Allah brought me down to earth in the loins of Adam, then He placed me in the loins of Noah and thereafter cast me into the loins of Abraham. Allah proceeded to move me from one noble loin and pure womb to another until He brought me out of my parents. None of them were ever joined together in fornication." pp.53, 96 
You came through … as a drop that …was transferred from loin to womb. … When you were born, the earth shone And the horizon was illuminated by your light. p.97
Mo was born clean and already circumcised, with a pre-cut umbilical cord. Allah sent meteors to scare away any satans and jinns that were hanging around at the time of his birth.
When the Prophet … was born he was already circumcised and his umbilical cord cut.  … He was clean when he was born. p.46
Upon the Prophet's birth ...  the heavens became guarded by meteors that chase would-be eavesdroppers away and thereby prevent the mischief of the satans and jinn. p.217 

Allah assigns angels to visit each house with an Ahmad or Muhammad in it. Consequently, houses with one to three Muhammads are always prosperous, along with everyone else in the neighborhood. And whoever is named Muhammad has a sure-fire ticket to heaven, based on the name alone.
Allah has angels, who as an element of their worship, visit each house that has a person called Ahmad or Muhammad in it on account of the honor in which they hold Muhammad." p.101 
Prophet Muhammad ...  said, "No harm will come if he has, one, two or three Muhammad's in the house." p.102 
There isn't an unprosperous house in which there is the name Muhammad. All the people of that house are provided for and likewise their neighbors. p.102 
On the Day of Resurrection a call will be given, 'Let whosoever is named Muhammad stand up and enter the Garden by the meritorious honor of his name.' p.102  
Sexual prowess
Mo was endowed with the power of 30 to 40 men. He'd visit each of his wives in the same hour, taking a purification bath between each visit. Solomon had as much semen as 100 men, so just imagine the load that Mo could deliver!
There is, however, an extra virtue the satisfaction of satisfying a wife's need. The Prophet … was given an abundance of this ability and would visit all of his wives in the same hour. Anas and his companions concluded that he had been given the power of thirty men. p.56 
In the matter of sexual intercourse, the Prophet was endowed with the power of forty men. After having visited each wife he would take a purification bath before going to the next and said, "This is better and purer." p.56 
Prophet Solomon and Prophet David were endowed with the same ability. Prophet Solomon said, "During the night I visited a hundred or ninety-nine women. Abbas' son said, "In the loins of Solomon there was the semen of a hundred men, and he had three hundred wives and three hundred whom the right hand possesses." It has also been reported that he had seven hundred wives. As for Prophet David, he had ninety-nine wives. p.56 

Mo could see stuff behind him just like it was in front of him, and could see as well in the dark as in the light. He could even see eleven of the 1000 or so stars in the Pleiades. Since Moses could spot an ant from 30 miles away, just imagine what Mo was able to see!
The Prophet... told his Companions, "I see the one behind my neck just as I see the one before me." … When the Messenger of Allah ... arose from prayer he could see everyone behind him, just as if they were in front of him." p.49
The Prophet could see just as well in the dark as he could see in the light. p.49 
His clear-sightedness permitted him to see the eleven stars in the Pleaides. p.49 
Prophet Moses, Moses was able to see an ant on a stone a distance of thirty miles away." So imagine what Prophet Muhammad … was able to see. 49  

Mo's sweat smelled sweet.
 The Prophet … was adorned with the sweetest of fragrances, as was his perspiration. p.46
 The Prophet … visited the house of Anas and fell asleep on a rug and perspired. When Anas's mother noticed the perspiration she fetched a long necked bottle into which she collected the drops of perspiration. Later, the Messenger of Allah … inquired about it, whereupon she replied, "We mixed it with our perfume and it is the most fragrant of scents." pp.46-47
Mo's urine smelled even better than his sweat. It smelled so good, in fact, that the earth split open to swallow the prophet's pee, leaving a fragrant aroma behind. Apparently this happened with prophet pooped, as well, since the earth swallowed whatever he discharged. Many people drank Mo's urine, with his permission and consent, and they all swore it tasted sweet.
Even when the Prophet … relieved himself, it is reported that the earth would split open and swallow his discharge and there remained a fragrant aroma. p.47
Lady Ayesha … said to the Prophet … "When you return after relieving yourself, there is nothing offensive about you." He replied, "O Ayesha, don't you know that the earth swallows up what is discharged from the prophets so that nothing is seen?" p.47
The Prophet... kept a wooden bowl under his bed in which, if he felt the need, he could urinate during the night. One night a lady by the name of Baraka,, … felt thirsty and upon seeing the cup drank the urine without knowing. There were also similar occurrences in which his urine was drunk, when the Prophet... learned of it he did not order the washing of their mouth nor did he forbid them to do it again. … The output from his body was sweeter and the drinker did not taste any urine as they would do so with anyone else. p.48
Mo's teaching about wives
It is good for a man to have more than one wife; the best man is the one with the most wives.
It is praiseworthy for a man to have more than one wife, referring to the Prophet … Abbas' son said, "The best of this community is the one with the most wives." p.55
About celibacy
Whoever can get married should get married. It protects the private parts.
The Prophet … forbade celibacy … and said, "Whosoever is able to marry should marry, it lowers the eyes and protects the private parts." p.55  
About religion
All true religion is based on cleanliness. 
The Prophet … said, ”The religion is based on cleanliness." p.46
About Adam
Adam was 90 feet tall.
Prophet Muhammad ...  said, "The first group to enter the Garden of Paradise will be like the full moon … every man will be in the height of their father Adam who was sixty cubits (90 feet) tall." p.86 
About Moses and Jesus
Moses wall tall with red hair. He was like the best man you've ever seen with a dark complexion. Mo looks more like him than anyone else does. But nobody ever saw any part of Moses' body on account of his modesty.
Jesus had a red face, just like he'd come out of a hot bath.
Prophet Muhammad … tells us, "I saw Moses, he was tall with curly hair.” … I saw Jesus, he was of medium height with a reddish face just as if he had come out after having taken a hot bath." p.86 
The Prophet … gave additional information about Moses saying, "He is like the best men you have ever seen with a dark complexion." ….  Of himself the Prophet ...  said, "Among the descendants of Abraham, I am the one who most resembles him." p.86 
Prophet Muhammad … tells us that Prophet Moses was a modest man who covered himself. No part of his body was seen on account of his modesty. p.87
About sickness
The root of all illness is indigestion.
Of illness, the Prophet ...  informs us of his knowledge saying, "The root of every illness is indigestion." p.211
About progress and innovation
 Follow Mo and beware of new things. New things are innovations and all innovations are misguided.
The Prophet ...  warned, ”You must follow my prophetic way and the way of the rightly guided Caliphs. Cling to it voraciously and beware of new things. New things are innovations and each innovation (that is not in the Spirit of Islam) is misguidance." p.226 
About knowledge
There are only three type of knowledge: verse, prophetic way, and inheritance. All other knowledge is superfluous.
The Prophet ...  spoke of knowledge saying, "There are three types of knowledge; a precise verse, an established prophetic way, and a just share of inheritance. All other knowledge is superfluous." p.226 
One of Mo's favorite miracles was to make water come out of his fingers. Another was to talk trees into forming a screen so he could pee without anyone seeing. Rocks, trees, mountains, and lizards talked and bowed to Mo as he walked by.
There are many reports by the Companions that relate to numerous occasions when water was witnessed flowing from the fingers of the Prophet. p.168
Messenger of Allah ...  felt the need to relieve himself however there was nothing to screen him. So the Messenger of Allah ...  went to one of the trees and took hold of a branch and said, "Let me lead you by the permission of Allah" and gently proceeded to lead it like a haltered camel. He did the same with the other tree until the trees stood side by side, then he said to them "By the permission of Allah, join together for me" and this they did. p.175 
The trees parted from each other … The Prophet ...  felt the need to relieve himself and asked if there was anywhere. Osama told him that the dried up water bed had no place of concealment, so the Prophet ...  asked if any palm trees or stones had been seen. Osama told him that he had seen some scattered palm-trees and some stones, so the Prophet ...  said, "Go and tell them that the Messenger of Allah commands them to come to his assistance … I saw the palm-trees draw near to each other until they joined and the stones came together until they formed a mound behind the Prophet. After he had relieved himself he told Osama to tell them to part, and Osama swore again saying, "By He who sent him with the truth, I saw the palm-trees and stones part and return to their places." pp.175-6 
When the Prophet ...  was visiting a certain district in Mecca and as he passed each and every tree and mountain it greeted him saying 'Peace be upon you, O Messenger of Allah." p.179
Lady Ayesha that when Gabriel came to him with a message, every stone or tree he passed would greet him saying, "Peace be upon you, O Messenger of Allah." p.179
When the Prophet, praise and peace be upon happened to pass by a tree or rock it would bow to him. p.179 
The Prophet ...  called the lizard and it answered in clear human speech so that everyone could hear, "Obedient to you, O adornment of the One who will bring the Resurrection!" The Prophet ...  asked the lizard, "Who do you worship? And it replied, "The One whose throne is in the heaven and whose power is in the earth, whose path is in the sea, whose mercy is in the Garden, and whose punishment is in the Fire." Then the Prophet ...  asked, "Who am I?" and it replied, "The Messenger of the Lord of the Worlds and the Seal of the Prophets. Whosoever bears witness that this is so is successful and whosoever belies you is lost!" p.181
The Prophet ...  who thereafter gave him a branch of a palm-tree saying, "Take it with you, it will shed light for you an arms length before you and an arms length behind you. When you enter your house you will see something dark. Beat it until it leaves because it is satan." p.195 
Mo made a 70 year old man look like he was 15, and a 120 year old man to die without any broken teeth. He cured insane people by stroking their chests. And he stopped a couple young boys from crying by letting them suck on his tongue.
The Prophet ...  supplicated for Abu Katada saying, "May your face prosper! O Allah, bless him in his hair and skin." Abu Katada died at the age of seventy but looked no older than fifteen. p.190
An-Nabigha lived till the age of one hundred and twenty, the Prophet ...  supplicated for him saying, "May Allah not break your teeth" and none of his teeth fell out. p.190  
Whenever an insane person was brought to the Prophet ...  he would stroke their chest and the insanity would leave them. p.196  
The grandsons of the Prophet, Al Hasan and Al Hussain ... were young and crying on account of thirst. The Prophet ...  gave him his tongue to suck and thereafter they stopped crying. p.194  

Mo could curse as well as cure. He made a man lame for praying against him, and sent a lion to eat another for the same crime. He paralyzed a guy for eating with his left hand, and caused placenta-wielding unbelievers to be killed in battle. He sent a fatal disease on a man's knee for trying to break his staff. And he made a horse lame to punish its owner for lying.
One day a young man stopped praying, and the Prophet ... supplicated against him and he became lame. p.192
Utba, Abi Lahab's son was one of the enemies of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, and he supplicate against him saying, "O Allah, give one of your carnivores power over him", later he was devoured by a lion. p.192  
Muhallim, Jaththama's son was another of the vehement enemies of the Prophet ...  and was subjected to his curse. Muhallim was killed by a wild beast and every time an attempt to bury him was made, the earth rejected him and threw his body to its surface. Finally they threw his corpse between a gully and covered him with stones. p.192  
The Prophet ...  saw a man eating with his left hand and advised him, "Eat with your right hand." The man arrogantly replied, "I am not able to do so." The Prophet ...  said, "You will not be able to do so," and thereafter the man was never able to raise his right hand to his mouth. p.192 
Masood's son tells us of the time when the unbelievers among the Koraysh put a placenta full of fluid and blood around the Prophet's neck whilst he was prostrate in prayer to Allah. The Prophet ...  cursed each of the participants, name by name, and during the Battle of Badr each one met their death. p.192 
Jihjah Al Ghifari snatched hold of the Prophet's staff from Othman's hand and proceeded to try and break it across his knee. Upon seeing this the people shouted at him. Thereafter he was stricken by an itching disease in his knee and despite its amputation he died within the year. p.255
A certain man denied that he had sold his horse and only gave up his claim to ownership after the Prophet ...  supplicated, "O Allah, if he is lying, do not give him any blessing in it" whereupon the legs of the horse became rigid. p.192 
Miscellaneous facts 
Talking meat, groovy gestures, rapt audiences, and Mo's special fly repellent.
A Jewess poisoned the meat she had prepared for the Prophet. … The meat spoke to him telling him that it had been poisoned. p.65
If he happened to point to something, he pointed with his entire hand. When something surprised him he would turn the palm of his hand upside down. When talking, he held his right thumb in his left palm.  p.92 
When he spoke, those sitting with him sat still, as if they had birds perched on their heads. p.94 
Flies did not alight on either his clothes or body. p.218 
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Andrew Hall said...

It sounds like Mo could have taken on the Legion of Doom all by himself.

Stephen said...

Well, that is just such a load of bullshit I am speechless.
Steve weeks

TWF said...

That is epically hilarious! Anyone who believes Ash-Shifa proves themselves of being devoid of critical thinking.

Steve Wells said...


Yeah, I'm hoping Anubis will explain it to us. I'm sure that somehow or other 90% of it is just common sense.

nazani said...

A teensy point- I believe the translator meant eyeliner, not mascara. I wonder if the original word referred to kohl, a common cosmetic in the Middle East.

Wish I'd been there to see somebody plop a placenta (camel?) on Mo's head. That would have been hilarious.

skanksta said...

That was enough insanity for about 3 posts.
I need to lie down.

Steve Wells said...

Yeah, skanksta, I thought about doing a series of Ash-Shifa posts, but I didn't want you to think I was obsessed with Mo's insanity (PB&J be upon him, of course).

Anonymous said...

You should really be more intellectually honest with your readers.

Question: What is your opinion about the book al-Shifâ’ by al-Qâdî `Iyâd?

Answered by Sheikh Khâlid Husayn

This book is a valuable book on the subject of the Prophet’s virtues, though had it some weak and false hadîth in it.

This is the statement of Imam Shams al-Dîn al-Dhahabî in his immense biographical encyclopedia entitled Siyar A`lâm al-Nubalâ’. In his biographical entry on al-Qâdî `Iyâd (20/212-216), he writes: “His writings are valuable and one of his best works would have been his book al-Shifâ’ had it not been filled with fabricated hadîth.”

This Imam has no experience or knowledge in the science of hadîth. May Allah reward him for his good intention and let people benefit from his book al-Shifâ’. It has proven useful for many people.

It includes some far-fetched interpretations. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) is sufficiently praised by the Qur’ân and the authentic hadîth. We have no need for false hadîth.

It is better to read Dalâ’il al-Nubuwwah by al-Bayhaqî instead. Though it also contains weak hadîth, Imam al-Bayhaqî has done good job by providing the chains of transmission for them so that the student of knowledge may refer to hadîth books and determine the strength and weakness of the hadîth for himself. This is not the case with al-Shifâ’.

And Allah knows best.

As for the physical description of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), this should be sufficient:

Al-Baraa' ibn 'Aazib said: "The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was broad shouldered and had thick hair coming down to his shoulders and earlobes. He was wearing red garments. I have never seen anything more beautiful than him." (Reported by Muslim, Kitaab al-Fadaa'il, Baab Sifat Sha'r al-Nabi (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), no. 2338).

'Ali said: "He was neither tall nor short, and had large hands and feet. He had a large head and was big-boned, and the thin line of hair (starting from his chest and extending to the navel) was long. When he walked, he would lean forward, as if he was walking downhill. I have never seen anyone like him, before or since." (Reported by al-Tirmidhi, 3570, who said this is a saheeh hasan hadeeth).

Jaabir ibn Samurah said: "The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was dalee' al-fam, ashkal al-'ayn and manhoos al-'aqib." Shu'bah said: "I asked Maalik, 'What is dalee' al-fam?' He said: 'Wide-mouthed.' I asked, 'What is ashkal al-'ayn?' He said, 'Big-eyed.' I asked, 'What is manhoos al-'aqib?' He said, 'His heels were not fleshy.'" (Saheeh Muslim, Kitaab al-Fadaa'il, 2339).

Anas Ibn Maalik, may Allaah be pleased with him, narrated: "Allaah's Messenger had a rosy colour and he was neither completely white nor dark brown." [Al-Bukhaari]

"The Prophet had a white handsome face." [Muslim]

"Allaah's Messenger had reddish-black eyes." [Muslim]

I cannot wait to see him in Paradise, God-willing. <3

mjazzguitar said...

The trees coming together to hide him relieving himself shows that the use of hashish was prevalent back then.