22 February 2014

Behold, The Bridegroom Cometh

This video is featured at the LDS.org website, which seems somehow appropriate, given the church's recent apology for its polygamous past.

But what the hell was Jesus thinking when he came up with this parable? Can you imagine a modern religious leader using this story to illustrate a point, whatever that point might be? I can't.

Jesus's parable implicitly approves of things that we all (well most of us, anyway) disapprove of today -- a man having ten wives, all necessarily virgins, submissive to a husband who is their lord and master.

I love the video, though -- especially the expression on Jesus's face when he says, "The Kingdom of Heaven can be likened to ten virgins." He almost seems to wink to all the guys out there, saying, "You know what I'm talking about."


Stephen said...

Verily I say unto you it would probably be more fun for the Son of Man to play with the virgins all slathered up in olive oil, with or without a lamp!

Steve Weeks

Anonymous said...

Either that or the original version of "The Batchelor."