20 June 2015

How many animals must you sacrifice to God each year? (According to the Bible)

There are 85 commandments in the Bible that involve animal sacrifice, and some of the instructions are a bit hard to follow. So I'll try to summarize them for you.

Here are the sacrifices that everyone must make. (See the links for the details.)

So to obey God, you must kill 1367 animals each year -- 127 bulls, 53 rams, 1175 lambs, and 12 goats.

And that's just the baseline. Other animal sacrifices are required in special circumstances. For example:

OK, that's pretty much it. It's enough to get you started, anyway.

Just make sure that you do all of these sacrifices. Otherwise God will smite you with hemorrhoids, have your wife raped, and force you eat your own children.

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