12 June 2015

What is the most important thing a person can do? (According to Hillary Clinton)

To study and learn what the Bible says.

That's what she said to a man that she saw reading a Bible at a campaign stop in South Carolina.

You're doing what is the most important thing to do, it's continuing to study and learn what the scripture says and what it means.
And in an interview with the New York Times, she said that the Bible is her favorite book; it's what made her what she is today.

Now I very much doubt that Hillary Clinton believes any of this. Studying the Bible isn't the most important thing a person can do, it isn't her favorite book, and it hasn't made her what she is today (Whatever the hell that is). She's just saying whatever she thinks she needs to say to get elected.

To which I say: Run Bernie Run!


Kestrel said...

It always amazes me how politicians embody caricatures of politicians. But I can see how it happens. The incentives are too great to be bland, uncontroversial; to appeal to popular, yet nonspecific ideals.

It's like when I hear a politician say "family values." What the hell does that actually mean? All they're doing is holding up a mirror and letting the audience project their own values back onto themselves. But, like negative ads, these things keep popping back up because they work.

Stephen said...

This is an example of a politician saying whatever he or she thinks will get the most votes. Sadly, this is necessary in the USA at this time in our history.
Steve Weeks