22 September 2009

Don't Read the Bible (Let the Bible Slam read it for you)

I don't know how I missed this up to now, but I did. It's the Bible Slam.

Here is the latest: Exodus 19.

(I totally missed it. The meeting between God and Moses was a volcanic eruption!)

I'm going to go back and see what else I missed. As I read along (or have it read to me) I'll be adding links to the Bible Slam at the bottom of each chapter of the SAB.

Someone should do this for the Quran and the Book of Mormon. Does't the Quran Slam sound good?


Deborah said...

Hey Steve - Thanks for writing this post! Chelev is doing a fantastic job with his bible reading, and I write the summaries of each chapter and rely heavily on SAB in doing so. SAB is an awesome resource. Thanks so much for your hard work.

Matthew Blanchette said...

He makes a good point with "Mountain-Lord Yahweh"; perhaps that's where his domain was originally supposed to be?