18 September 2009

Have you got your Bible holster yet?

It's the new Republican uniform!

Why is it that religious nuts are almost always gun nuts too?


twillight said...

Haha, this is funny as hell.
The one thing that surly proves intelligence is infinite, that new jokes always come up.

Anyway I just think they want to be like their God, who so much loves his creation, that he kills and tortures them, that's why.

JJR said...

Just wish there were more atheist gunnies.

It can get kinda awkward on some gun forum where some guy says "my rights come from god" and you say "I don't believe in god; but I believe humans have inalienable rights from the mere fact of being a human being."

But I love the Pen & Teller episode where they explore "Why Gun Control is Bullshit!"

Unknown said...

Not quite wrong at all..

guns kill people.
religions kill people.

Markus Arelius said...

Here's my theory as to the "why" question:

Western US expansion, the Gold Rush plus Samuel Colt's exclusive patent on revolver production created a powerful, mechanical equalizer among all men. It didn't matter whether you were an eastern aristocrat, a US cavalry washout, a mother of 5, or an illiterate sharecropper from northern Mississippi, Samuel Colt provided a decisive mechanism for quick and final "justice". The only thing better than meeting your own Maker was sending "evildoers" to meet theirs and, of course, to meet their own just punishment in hell.

Sam Colt, therefore, basically put God's biblical smiting power into the hand of every upright walking cretin on the planet, but it all started in the United States of Merika. F&*K yeah! And Deytookrjobs!!

Anonymous said...

Because when you are crazy enough to believe a 2,000 year old Jewish zombie who was also god died for your sins which he created, obviously, becoming a gun nut is not too a far a leap. Once you are that crazy only a straight jacket and a padded room can help...

busterggi said...

If they've got an omnipotent being on their side why do they need guns?

Moon Rattled said...

Most wingnuts lack the trim waist line of the poster boy.