22 June 2010

Bible ignored, grandfather mauled

That's not the title of a parody article from the Onion; it's Bryan Fischer's post at the American Family Association.

You remember Bryan, don't you? He's the guy who said, after the tragic incident in Orlando, that we should have followed Exodus 21:28 and stoned Tilikum to death.

Now Bryan says that God is sending out the beasts to kill us all for disobeying his statutes.

...one of the consequences for a nation which walks in his statues is that it will have nothing to fear from wild animals. “If you walk in my statutes...I will remove harmful beasts from the land” (Lev. 26:3,6).

On the other hand, “[I]f you will not listen to me and will not do all these commandments...I will let loose the wild beasts against you” (Lev. 26:14,22).

God has "set loose the wild beasts against" us, just like he said he'd do in Leviticus 26.

Pretty soon God is going to force us to eat our own children (also in Leviticus 26).

And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat. Leviticus 26:29"

Bryan can hardly wait.


Matthew Blanchette said...

Wow... where the hell do you get these nuts, Steve? :-O

Steve Wells said...

Right here in Idaho. We've got lots of them around here. (Here's a bio on Bryan Fischer.)

Maureen said...

eek. How can anyone who has read the Bible actually think that it is worth listening to?!!!

R. said...

"Because these researchers were intent on studying the grizzly rather than killing him to protect innocent human life, a husband, father and grandfather is dead today."

I get it...instead of studying nature, we should kill every living thing we see that might possibly be harmful in order to protect the humans who might possibly be harmed by those animals one day...

The Biblical Christian said...

Well, God has to do what He has to do. Sending beasts to us to punish us is what He shall do then.

agema-makedonin said...

When Christians say things like:
"Well, God has to do what He has to do. Sending beasts to us to punish us is what He shall do then. "

they say it out their false sense of security they persuade them self they are to be.

The truth is that Matthew 7:21-23 tells that not even those who are convince that they were saved can be sure that they really are saved till the very end.

Out of the same false sense of security, those Christians rejoice when God is shown having anger or killing people to punish etc.

In this thought they have the sadistic pleasure for punishing those who obviously enjoy life which they could not enjoy, cause their submission to some rules that they accepted out of fear being punished by some superior force. This fear is most likely instilled in early years by parental influence.

Actually the whole Idea of God being the father and the one who gives or punishes is from the early years of human life, where the parents are those who determine the babies and young child destiny and life.

This is easy to observe at any baby or young child.