14 October 2010

Dabbling with Christianity: Christine O'Donnell is both Catholic and Protestant

We all know that Christine O'Donnell "dabbled into witchcraft" back in the 90s. But her religious views have matured since then; now she is a Catholic and an Evangelical Protestant.

Someone should ask her how that is possible.


John said...

I see she also refused to answer Mr. Blitzer last night about whether she believed in evolution or not. She said, "It doesn't matter what I believe. I want to represent what the local schools want to teach." The switch from Witch to Catholicism to Protestantarianismaschnizzle should be classified as evolution within a generation. I'm sold.

Randomdude123 said...

How could she be Catholic and Protestant? Anglicanism is both Catholic and Protestant so maybe she is Anglican.

RsD said...

Sure, that's one possibility, RandomDude. But as she's a politician, it's much more likely that she's a liar.

Which, if she's right about any of her varying flavors of God, means she's doomed to burn in hell.

Frédéric said...

Let me see: she's catholic, so she follows the catholic pope, but she's also protestant, so she believes he's the antechrist.

That would be consistent with her earlier witchcraft: she just went all the way and now worships satan.

Matthew Blanchette said...

It's taking Pascal's Wager to the logical extreme; apparently, she wants to hedge all her bets. :-P