09 March 2011

2 Nephi 6: Someday God will force non-Mormons to eat their own flesh and get drunk on their own blood.

Last time we learned what the LDS church really thinks about Native Americans: they are idle, mischievous, dark-skinned savages. They got that way because their ancestor Laman disobeyed Nephi, so God caused "a skin of blackness to come upon them" to make them "loathsome unto" the "white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome" Nephites.

Now we find out what Mormons think about everyone else.

The chapter begins with Jacob (Nephi's newly-ordained little brother) giving a speech about "exceedingly many things."

Behold, my beloved brethren, I, Jacob, having been called of God, and ordained after the manner of his holy order, and having been consecrated by my brother Nephi ... behold ye know that I have spoken unto you exceedingly many things. Nevertheless, I speak unto you again ... Yea ... I have spoken unto you concerning all things which are written, from the creation of the world. 2 Nephi 6:2-3

Before long, though, Jacob gets bored with his own words, so he begins reading from the book of Isaiah.

Behold ... I will read you the words of Isaiah ... the words which I shall read are they which Isaiah spake concerning all the house of Israel; wherefore, they may be likened unto you, for ye are of the house of Israel. And there are many things which have been spoken by Isaiah which may be likened unto you, because ye are of the house of Israel. 2 Nephi 6:4-5

The section he reads from (Isaiah 49:22-26) begins by saying that "the Gentiles" will will "be thy nursing fathers."

Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I will lift up mine hand to the Gentiles, ... and they shall bring thy sons in their arms, and thy daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders. And kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and their queens thy nursing mothers; they shall bow down to thee with their faces towards the earth, and lick up the dust of thy feet. 2 Nephi 6:6-7 (Isaiah 49:22-23)

Now "Gentiles" has a special meaning to Mormons. It doesn't mean non-Jews; it means non-Mormon, non-Catholic Christians (WASPs).

White Anglo-Saxon Protestants will nurture and protect Mormons until the good WASPs become Mormons themselves.

Next Jacob tells us somewhat about something he heard from God and an angel: in another 600 years or so, the Jews will crucify Jesus.

And now I, Jacob, would speak somewhat concerning these words. For behold, the Lord has shown me ... that ... they [the Jews] should scourge him [Jesus] and crucify him, according to the words of the angel who spake it unto me. 2 Nephi 6:8-9

Then after the hard-hearted and stiff-necked Jews kill Jesus, God will punish them by having everyone smite and afflict them.

And after they have hardened their hearts and stiffened their necks against the Holy One of Israel, behold the judgments of the Holy One of Israel shall come upon them. And the day cometh that they shall be smitten and afflicted.2 Nephi 6:10

The Jews will be afflicted, scattered, smitten, and hated by pretty much everyone until they too (those that survive, anyway) become Christians.

Wherefore, after they are driven to and fro, for thus saith the angel, many shall be afflicted in the flesh, and shall not be suffered to perish, because of the prayers of the faithful; they shall be scattered, and smitten, and hated; nevertheless, the Lord will be merciful unto them, that when they shall come to the knowledge of their Redeemer, they shall be gathered together again to the lands of their inheritance.2 Nephi 6:11

But blessed are the WASPs, for if they become Mormons and stay the hell away from the Catholic church, they will be saved.

Blessed are the Gentiles ... for behold, if it so be that they shall repent and fight not against Zion, and do not unite themselves to that great and abominable church, they shall be saved.2 Nephi 6:12

Whoever opposes Zion (the Mormon church), though, will be licking dust off shameless Mormon feet.

They that fight against Zion ... shall lick up the dust of their feet; and the people of the Lord shall not be ashamed. 2 Nephi 6:13

Then, after they're done licking, they will die horrible deaths. God will burn them to death, kill them with storms, earthquakes, wars, disease, and starvation. That will teach them that God is a Mormon.

And they that believe not in him shall be destroyed, both by fire, and by tempest, and by earthquakes, and by bloodsheds, and by pestilence, and by famine. And they shall know that the Lord is God, the Holy One of Israel. 2 Nephi 6:15

But before they die, God will give them a special treat. He will force them to eat their own flesh and get drunk on their own blood.

And I will feed them that oppress thee, with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood as with sweet wine; and all flesh shall know that I the Lord ... the Mighty One of Jacob. 2 Nephi 6:18

And then he'll torture them forever in hell.

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Deech said...

Yeah...this is a God I want to follow! Sign me up homey!

nazani said...

Clearly, it's time we had Congressional hearings on the LDS/Mormon threat.

skanksta said...

For once Joe Smith has a half-decent turn of phrase !

Did he plagarise that bit about at the end, about, "drunk with blood as with sweet wine" ?