01 August 2011

The Exodus 30:15 debt limit "compromise"

The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less than half a shekel. Exodus 30:15

OK, it might take more than half a shekel (~ $10) from each US taxpayer, but you get the idea. Each of us pays the same, whether rich or poor.

Take the military, for example. Each of the 100.6 million full-time employees chips in $6810 this year and we've got the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya paid for. No sweat.

Then to pay off the debt (caused by unfunded wars and tax cuts for the wealthy), we each throw in another $142,000 or so. A piece of cake.

It might be a bit rough for for the average worker making $39,000 a year, but Oh well. We must protect our "Job Creators" (wealthy people).

The Bible tells us so.


nazani said...

At least as we pay off that debt, we're mostly paying it to ourselves. 'Only' 19.4% is owed to overseas interests. (Thanks, M. Bachman, for proposing to stiff your fellow Americans.)

Anders said...

It doesn't actually say that all should pay the same. It says the rich should not pay more, and the poor should not pay less. So the rich would be free to pay nothing, while the poor would be allowed to pay 10 shekels. Fairness indoctrinated