21 September 2011

Women and the Bible: An analysis by book

Just one more analysis before I take a break for a few days.

I should mention, in case you haven't already noticed, that when I say "Women," I mean "Insults to women, misogyny, etc." The Bible doesn't have much nice to say about women, but when it does, I put it in the "Good Stuff." The same is true for the other categories, except for "Interpretation" and "Sex."

Here is the overall plot.

First Corinthians has the most insults to women in the New Testament, while Genesis, Leviticus, and Ezekiel have the most in the Old.

The Women Index is defined in the usual way -- Insults per 100 verses.

First Timothy, Titus, and First Peter have the highest WI in the New Testament, and Hosea is highest in the Old.

Here is the log-log plot for Women.

I'll finish the analyses next week when I get back.


Vyckie said...

Ack. No wonder my desperate struggle to live "biblically" was such a disaster! :(

nazani said...

I was just wondering if you asked a woman to help you find insults, and what her age was.

Fatman said...

While I agree with the analysis, one must bear in mind the fact that the Bible was not written in enlightened times. Misoginy and treatment of women as inferiors was prevalent in those days - of course it looks terrible when read from a modern perspective.

Of course, this does not make modern-day individuals who choose to live their life in accordance with this ridiculous text any easier to understand. But it does provide some explanation for the observed behavior of religious idiots - most of them hate women and consider them inferior beings, and even those who do not go to such extremes are likely to dismiss disagreement coming from wives, sisters, female coworkers, etc., as "nonsense".

Steve Wells said...

No, nazani, all of the lists, categories, and annotations at the SAB are mine and mine alone. Oh, I often ask my wife, daughter, and other women what they think about various Bible passages, but in the end I decide what to include and what to leave out. I think it is wrong to cut off a woman's hand as God commands in Deuteronomy 25:11-12 or to stone a rape victim if she doesn't cry out loud enough, or can't prove she's a virgin on her wedding night. I think it's OK for a woman to speak, wear pants, and have authority over men. If you agree with me on these passages, you'll probably agree with me on most of the others that I've marked. If not, that's fine. Make up your own mind and list.

Linus Gabrielsson said...

I'll support anyone who plots a graph of insults to women/bible verse. You, sir, are a hero!

Abbie said...

Misogyny and treatment of women as inferiors and property of men are commonly attributed to "those days" - as opposed to the ever "loving god" who is the inspiration for all scripture. You know, the "divinely written book". Convenient don't you think?

Matteo Raggi said...

How many insults are totally counted on bible?

ibelieve said...

you seem to read all scriptures wih preconcieved ideas. The bible actually speeks highly of women in many cases. there are insults to specific women but there are also insults to specific men becuase we are all flawed and need wakeup calls.

I'm sorry to hear it was a disaster, Vyckie, but none of us are perfect its about living for God not for ourselves it makes it easier