27 March 2012

John Hagee explains how and why the world will end in 2012

John Hagee explains it all in less that 20 minutes. (See video below.)

The sermon begins with the rhetorical question:
Could 2012 be the end of the world as we know it?
The rest of the sermon provides Hagee's answer.

But before getting in to that, Pastor Hagee tells us what "God's point of view" is with respect to homosexuals. (God wants us to kill them.)
The word homosexual does not appear in the Bible, but the concept is clearly expressed by Moses in Leviticus 20:13, it says, "If a man lies with another man as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed abomination. They shall surely be put to death." That's God's point of view.
And that he's "thrilled out of his ever-loving mind" that he'll soon be raptured before the Antichrist shows up.
I gladly tell you that I am a born again, Bible-believing Christian and I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I am thrilled out of my ever-loving mind that when the trumpet of God sounds, I'm out of here before the Antichrist shows up with hell incorporated.
With that out of the way, he begins to fly through the book of Revelation, telling us about the monstrous ecological things that God will do to our planet in the coming months.
I'm going to fly through the chapters of the book of Revelation like a speeding bullet. In the Book of Revelation there are seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven vials. Twenty-one monstrous ecological things that happen to literally devastate the planet Earth.
God will start things off by burning up 1/3 of the Earth's vegetation. (Hagee believes in global warming, but it's not human-caused, it's God-caused.)
One-third of the vegetation of the Earth is burned up (Revelation 8:7).
Then hordes of horse-sized locusts will sting people, torturing them for five months, and making them wish they were dead. (But the God of love won't let them die.)
The gates of hell are opened and hordes of locusts, the Bible says, the size of a horse will come up out of the bottomless pit and sting men like a scorpion. (Rev 9:2-6) The pain will last for five months. And men will beg God to let them die. But they cannot find death, the Bible says that.
After that, there'll be a bloody war, where, according to my calculation, about 24 trillion people will be killed.
A world war so bloody that the blood of those killed in battle will flow for 200 miles to the bridles of a horse. (Rev 14:20)
God will cover any survivors with boils from head to toe.
Every person on earth who has taken the mark of the beast in his right hand or forehead will be covered from head to feet with running boils. (Rev 16:2)
Then he'll turn the sea into blood.
The seven seas of the earth will turn to blood. (Rev 16:3-4)
And send an world-wide earthquake that will level mountains and sink islands.
Now you have the Bible describe a world-wide earthquake so monstrous that the mountains of the world are leveled, and that the islands of the sea disappear. (Rev 16:18-20)
Next God will burn the earth with fire, causing us all to run to the mountains, where we'll chew on our tongues while asking the mountains to fall on us.
The sun will scorch the Earth with fire, and mighty men, the Bible says, and kings and men of war will gnaw their tongues in pain and they will crawl into the mountains, and the book of Revelation says they will cry to the mountains, "Fall on us and kill us, to hide us from the wrath of the lamb that's on the throne." (Rev 16:8-11)
Then God will release four angels to kill 1/3 of the human population in a one day. The exact hour for this holy massacre is specified somewhere in Genesis 1, but only God and John Hagee know it.
I ask you, read Revelation 9:15, it's the sixth trumpet. There are four angels released by God himself to destroy one-third of mankind in one day. The Bible says there is a year, a month, a day, and an hour that God picked out from Genesis 1. One-third of mankind on that day, by the will and hand of God, will be destroyed.
That's right. God is going to kill 2.3 billion people in a single day later this year. And if you have a hard time believing that, read Genesis 7:4-23.
You say, I have a hard time believing that. May I refer you to Noah's Flood? Believe it.
Among the dead will be 100 million Americans, one for each aborted fetus, by God and John Hagee's calculation.
In America we have something over 300 million people. That means 100 million people in 24 hours, gone. I believe that God will require a life for every child killed in abortion clinics in America. I believe that's where the tally is going to be set.
So that's ho the world will end. Here's why it will be in 2012.

There are three independent pieces of evidence that when taken together are absolutely convincing.

1. Satellite TV
So why is it coming now? ... I listened to my father and grandfather sit and discuss the fact that the whole world would see the two witnesses killed on the streets of Jerusalem in one hour. (Revelation 11:3-12) They thought there was something in the text that was absolutely false because it was not believable. There was no television at that point in time. Television was born, but we still didn't get it. Then satellite television came in and ding, ding, ding, ding, ding -- we got it. This is how Elijah and Enoch are going to be seen in the city of Jerusalem, when the Antichrist is going to be permitted to kill them. They're going to line in the streets of Jerusalem and the world is going to see them at one time over internet television. The world is going to be so happy that there dead. Remember there's nothing on earth at this time but devil-worshiping, Antichrist-following people. They hate these two men of God. The world is going to be so thrilled their dead, thy're going to give gifts to each other like it's Christmas when they die. But three and a half days later they're going to stand to their feet ... and be lifted from the ground, back into the presence of God. And the whole world will watch them --- woooooweee! ... That couldn't happen before satellite television.
2. Nuclear warfare
And there was another section of verses that my parents couldn't understand, where God said that this is a plague that I will send to those that fight against Israel. That I will cause the flesh to fall from their bones before their body can hit the ground, and their eyes shall  melt in their sockets and their tongue in their mouth. (Zechariah 14:12) There was no way we could understand that. And then came atomic warfare and nuclear warfare.
3. Israel
And then there's the birth of Israel. ... Every major prophecy in the Old Testament said there would be a day that God would bring Israel back home. ... That happened May the 15, 1948.
There are about twelve other reasons that Pastor Hagee didn't have time to tell us about. But these three are the most convincing and they are sufficient.

It's not rocket science, people. It's all in the Bible.
There are about twelve of those prophetic signs I don't have time to give you, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist or a theologian to understand what I've just said. That's all in the Bible.


Incongruous Circumspection said...

Whoa there! How can humanity crawl to the mountains to escape the fire when all the mountains have already been leveled?

Steve Wells said...

Good point, IC. But I think Hagee just got his events a bit out of order. First we gnaw our tongues and ask mountains to fall on us (Rev 6:16 and 16:10, not sure about the 10 chapter gap) and then the mountains are destroyed in an earthquake (Rev 16:20). Or something like that.

There are a few places in Revelation that don't make too much sense to me

GMpilot said...

So it doesn't really matter who gets elected President then, right?
Hagee has to choose between a (fake) Muslim and a real Mormon; no wonder he hopes to see the world end this year!

Holytape said...

Well, I'm sure that in 2013, he will give us a detailed explanation why the world will end in 2013. Which of course will be different that the 2014 explanation about why the world will end in 2014. Personally, I think the world ended in 1985 with the introduction of new coke. The world just hasn't realized that it has already ended.
The first rider of the apocalypse

Stephen said...

What a pompous a$$hole.

But I liked the use of the tune to Aloha Oe: Pua `âhihi lehua o uka. Hui: Aloha `oe, aloha `oe. E ke onaona noho i ka lipo. One fond embrace, A ho`i a`e au. Until we meet again `O ka hali`a aloha i hiki mai ...

Isn't that pagan or something?
Steve Weeks

TWF said...

Brace yourselves. I think we are in for a couple decades of apocalyptic dates. Camping and Hagee are just the beginning. It's been 2000 years of any-day-now. The natives are getting restless.

Ian said...

Remind me why I should take this guy any more seriously than the people who are gathering around that mountain in France, expecting aliens to rescue them from the end of the world this year?

nazani said...

I've been to the little desert of Patmos where the mysterious John was sent. If he wasn't nuts beforehand, wandering around that emptiness probably fostered his visions. Still, his exile was pretty merciful, considering the other things the Romans could have done to him. If only they'd know someday people would take his ranting seriously.

John said...

Hagee is almost 2000 years late. Jesus and the NT actually predicted that the end of the world would happen in the 1st century: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbBYLQxC7z0

Patricia said...

When I just watched the video it says Could it be the End of the World as we know it! That is not saying the world is going to end in 2012. It's just not going to be the same a drastic change is coming. He is not saying it is going to be this year, he is saying could it possibly be this year????? Then he goes on to say what the bible says what is going to happen when the Antichrist comes. The Muslims believe this to be true as well. They have a different name they call him the 12 Imam. But they believe he is there savior. They believe there must be world wide chaos before he comes on the scene. He is going to bring peace and destroy the Israelis. They believe all the events are taking place right now. Muslims and Christian believe in the same out come in the end except one believes he is the messiah while the other one sees him as the Antichrist. The Reason for God's judgement is because the people reject him and serve the Antichrist (Devil) instead.

Mwaniki said...

thumbs up Patricia you tried to explain to them and i hope and believe they got what you were trying to say the other thing i want to say is this; it does not matter what you believe or what you try to convince people to believe the fact remains Jesus is God and is coming back watch and be ready for if you will not be hell is the place for you. John Hagee is talking facts. Dont be deceived Guys Jesus is lord and only in Him is salvation. not islam not any other religion as a matter of fact Christianity is not a religion.

coz religion is man trying to do things to please God( man trying to Get to God) and be accepted by Him. We Christians dont have do do that he already accepts us Just the way we are (Jesus death on the cross restored us back to God). all we Have to do is believe in Him.

he is the one who makes us clean not our actions and deeds.

open your eyes an let God be your light stop living in darkness Coz God loves you

-About Tyron- said...

Well folks it's 2013! Almost 2014! I guess Hagee's an 'A' class false prophet. Poor guy...

My Family said...

Funny how "it could happen" turns into "it will happen". Not a false prophet, you just don't listen to his words.

Ricky the Quick said...

Dwindling in unbelief? Enough already! Only Christ can save you and me!

JoAnnB said...

He NEVER said it would happen you losers he said it COULD !

Stop twisting his words to suit your unbelief !
All of you are ridiculous !

Go ahead and mock God, Pastor Hagee or any one that tries to wake you up and see who wins in the end !

Unknown said...

@JoAnnB. .....I agree 100% with your comment!! People who don't believe in the rapture love to rub in Christians faces when a pastor talks about what really is going to happen!! I learned along time ago to stop getting ignorant with the ignorant. It's gonna happen everyone, YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT!!!! Just know after its over (in the twinkling of an eye......like a thief in the night) don't run to your nearest church to hold your reservation because it will be to late!! And my outlook on religion is, I don't care where what when how or who you believe in or worship, we WERE NOT created to hate hurt or destroy one another!!!!!!

And those of you in this forum who claim you don't believe in the things the Bible speaks on I.e. "on what's to come" you wouldn't be in this forum fishing for opinions :) God said before he returns EVERYONE WILL HAVE HAD THE CHANCE TO KNOW HIM!!!! Don't wait till judgement day to believe because by then your fate is sealed!! Be quick to forgive and turn your head to hate!! We are supposed to love not hate!!!! God Bless everyone in this forum and I pray those lost and confused get found and led back on track in JESUS NAME!!!

Christian4God said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christian4God said...

From all the Bible passages I've read all my life, I've noticed, every time a prophet said something would happen it definitely did. This is how one knows for a fact, when the prophets spoke something it came true - since it was revealed by God to them (the prophets). See with God there is no 'could' there is only 'would' (definite). One more thing, God will definitely provide a definite time / time frame when such events would occur. There is no margin of error - God is in control and knows what is going to happen when. Since God himself has ordained for such events to occur.

This is precisely why even the kings feared the prophets, since they declared what God wanted to say, irrespective of the kings mood or liking. A prophet exists to reveal God's truth to the people. As such God would not reveal half truths to the prophet, since God doesn't lie, he speaks truth to his people through the prophets and He doesn't play guessing games or "Aha I told you so stories after events occur".

When Mr. Hagee makes statements that are open ended (lacking a timeframe) and don't come true - it is evident that it didn't come from God, and testament to the fact that it wasn't revealed to him by God. God almighty is perfect - completely unlike John Hagee.

TheSlimyOne said...

It's 2014 now, ooops!
The Bible doesn't specify a date, it's just a matter individual interpretation. I was born in 1960, so the world was supposed to end a whole bunch of different times! I'm kinda hopin' to live long enough to see it now! See ya when I'm 120 years old!

Unknown said...

Mr Hagee has never said anything that was not in the bible. He has never given any dates, he only says that the church will be ruptured soon according to scripture. I think people like to make fun of what they don't understand. To feel better about their disbelief. But the bible warns that people will be going to and fro marring and giving into marriage just as in the days of Noah. Until the door if the wrk was shut. And the rain started, and washed them all away. It took Noah 100 years to build the ark. In all that time he was preaching the gospel, warning them that there would be a flood, and he was laughed at and rediculed, just as is happening today. You can't change the ignorant, they will find out the hard way. I know that the rapture can happen at any time. The bible describes the sighns that will take place in the last generation. And this is the last generation. Believe it or not, that s anyone's perogative. God does not force anyone to believe. We all have freedom of choice which he gave to us. And he gave us the bible and explained all things. You can choose to make fun, redicule, and laugh, that's ok. But for me, I will serve the lord my god. And wait for him because he is at the doors! Believe it or not, he is coming soon!

Andre Jacobs said...

Again and again...

Your initial perspective of things will make you see things in the scripture that you want to see. We can continue to see evil, fear and the judgement of God, and so doing sit idly and wait for the crap to hit the fan, or we can see the salvation of the human race at the cross, and proclaim the forgiveness of sins to the world and see people truly set free. Which is it going to be for the next 100 years?

John is careful to ask questions like "Is the world going to end in 2012" and now in 2015 again... as not to make himself a false prophet, so he can keep doing it over and over again and put fear in the hearts of his followers.

The gospel is not about the judgement or end of the world, it is about God stepping into the world to save, forgive and restore people. It's not about heaven or hell when we die, its about finding the fullness of life here and now through Jesus Christ. Heaven starts now, and many are already living in hell..

When are Christians going to start focussing of the redemptive, inclusive loving heart of God and stop clinging to the old covenant of judgement which was fulfilled at the cross?

God's plan is make his Kingdom come to the earth and not for judgement to come. Christ bore my judgement while I was still a sinner and now I happily proclaim THIS to people and tell them that Christ was judged in my place, not that God is going to kill them for being sinners.. Gosh...

The book of revelation can be interpreted in many ways, one of which is that it happened already. Revelation 1:1 says that it is the revelation OF Jesus Christ. - A revelation of Christ himself. Armageddon was the battle that Jesus already won on behalf of the human race..

I think it's time we start seeing everything through the lens of the cross and stop living in the old covenant.

John 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

Unknown said...

If you'll read James Stuart Russell's 1878 book "The Parousia," the book of Revelation will make sense. Free PDF at http://www.preteristarchive.com/Books/pdf/1878_russell_parousia_1st-ed.pdf

A&w said...

JoAnn b, hagee has said many false things that do not agree with the Scriptures, therefore making him a false profit. He proclaimed in one of his books that Jesus never told the Jews that he is the Messiah, that is false and the Scriptures back it up.

A&w said...

JoAnn b, hagee has said many false things that do not agree with the Scriptures, therefore making him a false profit. He proclaimed in one of his books that Jesus never told the Jews that he is the Messiah, that is false and the Scriptures back it up.

Jackie said...

I feel sorry for our heavenly Father! He has watched the foolishness of the religions in this world for a very long time, and I'm sure he is tired of what they are teaching and preaching.
It seems that nobody gets it! God does not dabble in foolishness and he is not the author of confusion. People try to interpret Bible prophecy literally, yet it cannot be done and make any sense of it. Imagine locusts the size of horses swarming the earth and stinging people!! God has been portrayed as a spiteful imbecile long enough and I believe he is about to call it quits and put an end to it. God's word is being used deceitfully, and many pastors, preachers, televangelists, etc. who have no clue who God is diminishes his word and his credibility. God is good. Jesus came to tell us that. He sent Jesus into the world to tell the world the truth (John 18: 37). He showed and declared the righteousness of God, yet people still want to listen to the voodoo, bizarre interpretations of his word. God gave us a road map and if we follow that road map we find that the end of the world is near. John's visions are that road map. All the things that John saw in his visions, the "woes" that were coming upon the earth has already come to pass while those that remain are happening today right before our eyes. Oil is spilling into the oceans, seas, rivers, and streams, killing creatures living in these waters (Revelation 16: 3-4). Note John saw the sea become "as" the blood of a dead man. The blood of a dead man is black, which is the color of oil. God warns the world what this doing to our environment. Oil is spilling into the oceans, seas, rivers, and streams at a rapid pace. John saw the sun scorching people (Revelation 16: 8-9). He saw the Euphrates River drying up (Revelation 16: 12). These are all things that are happening today. Yes, the Euphrates River is drying up and all one need do is go online and find all sorts of reports of that happening. We are in the count down stage to the end of the world. God is not a spiteful imbecile. He did not tell Moses to take a man out and stone the man to death because he picked up sticks on their sabbath day (Numbers 15: 32-36). He did not tell Moses to stone the children of Israel to death if they committed adultery, broke the sabbath day, or cursed their mother or father (Exodus 31: 12-15; Leviticus 20: 9-10). God is good. Isaiah said no one had shown or declared the righteousness of God from the beginning of time. Jesus came to earth and he showed and declared the righteousness of God. We are told to search the scriptures as if we are searching for buried treasure (Proverbs 2: 3-6). If a pot of gold was buried in a field, people would come from everywhere with their picks and shovels and dig up every inch of the soil in that field in search of that pot of gold, but they spend so little time searching the scriptures for the truth. Jesus tells us to search the scriptures. If finding the truth is so easy, we would not have to "search" for it. Yes, there are untruths written in some of the books of the Bible about our heavenly Father, and that should be so plainly clear.