14 August 2013

Cage Match: The Holy Spirit vs. the Skeptic's Annotated Bible (Live in Georgia)

Here's what a visitor had to say:

"God gave us all free will, to make our own choice. If they leave their material in there, the holy spirit is the stronger spirit than theirs and people will read The Word over their words."

I'm not sure he's right about words and spirits and such, but I like the way he's thinking. Let's see what Governor Deal says. Will he allow the spirits to fight it out in the cage?

Here are the latest news reports:
August 16 - Atheists to include books of choice in Georgia state park cabins
August 19 - Herman Cain: I’m having a hard time thinking that many people will want to relax on their vacation while reading The Skeptics Annotated Bible

1 comment:

Stephen said...

Hahaha... when I viewed the clip, it opened with a commercial for "Angel Soft" toilet paper!

Say, what's this "free weal" the guy is talking about? ;-)
Steve Weeks