19 August 2013

Herman Cain doubts that anyone will want to relax on their vacation while reading The Skeptics Annotated Bible

I never thought I'd see the day when the SAB was mentioned by Herman Cain. But it happened today.

Mr. Cain wrote an article in The Canada Free Press about the Gideon vs. Skeptic's Annotated Bible competition that is now taking place in Georgia's state parks. In it, he explains that Governor Nathan Deal decided to allow atheists to place their literature alongside Gideon Bibles.
Nathan Deal, who said that the state could hardly be seen to be establishing an official religion just because it allowed one group to donate Bibles. Besides, Deal said, if atheists wanted to donate atheist books, no one would stop them either.
But Mr. Cain doubts that many people will want to read the SAB.
The atheists are going to do just that. I’m having a hard time thinking that many people will want to relax on their vacation while reading The Skeptics Annotated Bible, but this is America so the atheists can give it their best shot.
And he's probably right about that.

But I bet the SABs will get more reading time than the Gideon Bibles. Because as anyone who has ever picked up a Gideon Bible knows -- the Bible is boring.

Here's what Mr. Cain's competitor, Mitt Romney, said about it.
I find myself having to read for an hour or so before I can fall asleep. And thanks to the Gideons, I've got good material.
I doubt if the SAB will have the same effect.


Unknown said...

Cain thinks nobody will read or even peruse the Skeptic's Bible while on vacation....yet they will read the Gideon's Bible? He must think that Agnostics and Atheists have no interest in intellectual pursuit...or even curiosity about what the Skeptic's Bible has to offer. Seriously?

Sabio Lantz said...

I agree -- the Skeptic Bible will probably be a lot more fun -- I'll bet even Christians would more gladly sneak a peek at that text than the boring one they hear about all the time and ignore.

Good job