16 October 2009

Stephen Colbert is in the Conservative Bible!

(Well, he was, anyway, for about 14 hours.)

Not much is happening anymore at the Conservative Bible Project besides vandalism, banning accounts, and reverting back to the original language of the KJV.

He's back. And this time he's got Jon Stewart with him!

Andy caught this one in only 12 minutes. Way to go, Andy!

Shoot! Now Harry Potter is in there.

And the Dude with the diapers.

Donald Duck.

Andy fixed these 3 in only 9 minutes!


Matthew Blanchette said...

I'm eagerly awaiting a mention of this on the show in two-weeks' time.

Brucker said...

Cute stuff. BTW, you spelled "Conservative" wrong.

Steve Wells said...

Thanks for the correction, Brucker.

Brucker said...

Dang, I was bored, so I created an account, and it got blocked before I could edit a single article.