15 October 2009

And Jesus said, "Beware of the Bread of the Intellectuals"

OK, I spoke too soon. The intellectuals have not been completely cast out of Andy's gospel.

It's true that the scribes and the intellectuals departed from the verses that I quoted last week. But intellectuals still haunt other verses. (I haven't seen any Liberals masquerading as Pharisees lately, though.)

Here is my favorite.

And Jesus warned them, "I caution you, beware of the bread of the intellectuals and the bread of Herod." Mark 8:15

And here are the others that I could find.

The intellectuals came to him and began to try to tempt him with their questions, demanding a sign from heaven. Mark 8:11
Returning to his disciples, he found an enormous crowd had gathered around them, with the intellectuals interrogating them. Mark 9:14
Jesus demanded of the intellectuals, "What are you asking the people about?" Mark 9:16
The intellectuals and corrupt priests heard this and conspired to destroy him, fearing him and the people who were amazed by his teaching. Mark 11:18
When they returned to Jerusalem, the intellectuals (chief priests, scribes, and elders) came to him as He was walking in the temple. Mark 11:27

The "Analysis" for Mark 11:27 asks: "use intellectuals here? or incumbents, or elites?"

So the intellectuals replied to Jesus, "We cannot answer." And Jesus responded, "Neither do I reveal to you my authority for my good deeds." Mark 11:33
The furious intellectuals wanted to grab him them, but feared the public; they knew this parable was directed at them. They gave up for now and walked out. Mark 12:12

And there's still a few elites pestering Jesus.

"But Elijah has already come, and the elite did to him whatever they wanted, as was prophesied." Mark 9:13

"Analysis" for this verse: "Clarifying "they" (Herod et. al)". (Herod et. al were elites.)

Now, back to God's killings!

16 October 2009:
The "bread of the intellectuals" in Mark 8:15 has been changed to the "yeast of of the Pharisees."

"Intellectuals" in Mark 8:11 has been changed back to "Pharisees".

18 October 2009:
"Intellectuals" no longer in Mark 8:11; 9:14, 16; 11:18, 27, 33.

But "furious intellectuals" are still hiding in Mark 12:12!


busterggi said...

Is there any better example of the fear religion has of people thinking for themselves?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date on this project; I can only hunt for fun translations for so long before my head starts hurting.

Matthew Blanchette said...

Worry not; leave the conservatives to their bread and Liberals... :-P

joshua walker said...

Or why not go with "East-Coast Elites" - the tribes weren't that far from the Western banks of the Dead Sea, after all.