20 July 2011

God has renamed Campus Crusade for Christ

It's now Cru.

“We believe wholeheartedly that God has given us this new name,” said Steve Sellers, vice president for the U.S. for Campus Crusade for Christ.

God gave the original name (Campus Crusade for Christ) to Bill Bright back in 1951, but God figures it's time to rename it now. Having the word "campus" or "crusade" or "Christ" in it just doesn't sound right to the big guy anymore.

So on Tuesday, God chose a new name from over 1600 suggested, using the same method that he used to replace Judas after Judas hung himself and/or splattered his guts on the ground: he put all the names in a hat and picked the winner.

And God picked "Cru."

God knows what "cru" means, but he's not telling. It isn't short for "Crusade," though, if that's what you're thinking. "Crusade is a 1970s kind of word," as Robert Stewart, the executive director of the Christian Service Center for Central Florida, explained. It's outdated and God doesn't like it anymore.

So now it's just "cru."
(Or maybe "Cru for you-know-who")


ptet said...

I take great pleasure in the fact that "Cru" is a really shitty name...

Danny Page said...

God renamed it? Hell, the one on our campus called it that for years. I guess God is slow on the uptake.

Steve Wells said...

Yeah, Cru has been ashamed of Christ for some time now, Danny. But it took a while for God to officially approve of the new godless name for his beloved organization. He had to run a few polls to see which name produced the most positive reaction among non-believers. It turned out that it worked best to leave Christ's name out of it. So he went with "Crud" without the d.

Santa said...

Well, Screw is lovely name, very beautiful really.

nazani said...

Cru already has a meaning. A cru is a vineyard or group of vineyards, in a specific French region. For example, Bordeaux Saint-Emilion Grand Crus.
Maybe they were going for some cutesy reference to the blood o'God vintage.

Lenoxus said...

The allusion to "crew" sounds like an attempt to be Totally Radical.

(Imagine that's a link to the TvTropes article; I'm not about to actually link to the site and be blamed for any resultant lost days.)